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June 26, 2012

Mary asks…

i need a motorcycle insurance estimate?

I plan to get a 2009 Suzuki GS500F Motorcycle in the next coming months. right now i don’t have a drivers license, just my learner’s permit. i take the Road test next month and if it goes well the month after i will go for my motorcycle license. I am 21 years old and i live in NYC which as many of you know is a high traffic area. I am a college student, My campus is about 16-20 miles away. on a weekly average i expect to ride about 80 miles or so. i won’t be doing any stunts, period.

there are two questions i have for you guys,

1). whats the best motorcycle insurance for someone young, inexperienced and new on the road?

2). Being that it is a 500cc engine and its pretty low powered motorcycle will my insurance be cheap, like under 200$ a month or probably something way above that?
i just tried Geico and they quoted me $460 a month! Progressive at $135 and still waiting email responses from a few others. .. From what i was told, if you finance a bike, you have to get FULL coverage until the bike has been paid in full. anyone know if this is true? i planned to put down 2k and let the bank cover me for the other 2.5k

Administrator answers:

Geico and Progressive both offer motorcycle insurance. Start with them.

Donna asks…

Does state farm have the best insurance for young adults?

I recently got a quote from State Farm online & it adds up to about 200 a month; is this pretty cheap for a 18 year old who is a fairly new driver?

Administrator answers:

Your monthly premium is going to depend on a lot of factors. 1. Where you live. 2. Your driving history. 3. Did you have drivers training in school. 4. What are you driving. 5. How far are you driving monthly, or annually on average. 6. Your credit history. They will not give you the best rate if you have a low credit score. Go figure!
Do not take any insurance companies quote. As gospel. Call around and get at least four quotes. State Farm, Gieco, Dairy Land, Foremost. Stay away from any All State Company, and Progressive is not good with their service. Do you live at home? If so you may be able to get your insurance through your folks policy, with you as additional driver. As I said, check out at least four different companies before taking the plunge. Also ask if their are any DISCOUNTS they can offer you. Good Luck to you.

Michael asks…

Choosing the most affordable insurance company?

I’m currently staying in Texas and I am shopping for an auto Insurance for my Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2011. I’m 22 years old and I started driving for the past 9 months, and also had received my Texas drivers license 9 months ago. I never had an accident of any kind or received any tickets.

I need to find an auto insurance company that’s affordable, I understand that because i’m a new driver and young I will be paying more. But I would like to get any tips on getting a cheap quote while satisfying all minimum state requirements for bodilly injury liability, property damage, motorist and etc. plus a $500 deductable for both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Also if im asked how old I was when I received my drivers license, would it make a difference in my auto insurance monthly payment if I lied and said I been driving since I was 20 instead of 22?

Administrator answers:

Good luck on that.

I’m in Houston, just so you know. The CHEAPEST insurance I found for my 19 year old son, was Safe Auto – I don’t know if they’d give you your collision and comp, though. For bare bones minimum coverage, keeps ya legal, they are $2500 a year. Add that physical damage coverage on, I’d expect you’ll be getting quotes closer to $8,000.

If you haven’t bought the car yet, don’t. Buy a $2500 clunker, where you don’t need collision and comp. For the car payments on that Mitsu, plus extra insurance costs, you can buy a new clunker every other month, and come out ahead of the game.

Lying doesn’t help. See, you might get a cheaper rate up front quoted, but all that information is going to get verified, and when they see you’ve had your license less than a year, it’s going to be uprated retroactively, and either cancelled if you don’t pay the extra amount, or you’ll pay the extra, anyway.

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