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July 18, 2012

Robert asks…

First Car: Fiesta (2003) 1.25 LX or 1.4 Zetec?

Basically, I’m a new driver (less than one year). I’ve looked through all possible first cars, compared and researched them, but it seems that Ford stands out of the crowd in terms of positive reviews and user feedback. Not to mention, I’m also quite tall (6ft5in), so the Corsa/Clio/Peugeot won’t do for me. My budget is £4500 for both the car and insurance. I’m opting to get the young driver insurance with co-op since it’s actually the cheapest insurance out there for younger drivers with NCD’s. I’m able to afford both the LX 1.25 or 1.4 Zetec, but I’m unsure if it’s worth paying a few hundred pounds more for a bigger sized engine. I’m 20, and I’ll mainly be using the car to commute to my University and back. Any advice/help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Fiestas have been honest little cars for decades, and quite reliable.
The smaller one will deliver a rather drowsy performance, in return you’ll get a cheap mile.
The bigger one provides more pep – at a price (remember: there’s no such thing as free meal).
Consider first of all the cost of ownership, not the selling price: you’ll have to live with it for some time.
As for your driving experience, having less power, gadgets and widgets will make you look for (and find) ways to keep respectful average speeds. Doing it in a small car will make you a skilled driver in no time at all. And then, you can always upgrade to something more exciting later on.

Charles asks…

Is this fronting or just cheaper insurance?

Now I know the idea of car insurance fronting is putting myself as a named driver on my parents insurance when infact I am the main driver… but hear me out on this:

I’m a 22 year old guy and I’ve almost finished my lessons now. And getting my own insurance plan has been quoted to me at anywhere between £3000-5000 on a 1.0l Corsa/Micra with third party cover (which apparently have THE lowest insurance currently in 2011 for young drivers)
But Compare The Markets quote site has this one option;
If I make my dad the insurance policy holder, and I get added as a Named Driver… it gives the option “Main Driver” and I can be selected, and low & behold the insurance quote drops to £1800

Is this still fronting? and therefore illegal? I mean, I AM listed as the main driver… its just my dad will be the policy holder.

Many thanks in advance from a (maybe) new driver! :)

Administrator answers:

From what you say you have declared all relevant details to the company so it appears to be legitimate. However, since you are not the policy holder, you will not be eligible for “no claims bonuses” in future years so you are merely delaying the inevitable price hike when you take out your own policy.

Mark asks…

Why is car insurance so high?

I am just at a loss as a new driver. Passed my test recently and just cannot find affordable car insurance it’s madness. The cheapest quotes that I am getting are £4000 and I think it’s disgusting.

And its annoying because they add all this criteria which just shouldn’t matter. The system is ageist as well as sexist as young male, new driver just seems to be impossible to get insured for. I only have an old Renault Clio P reg and I paid a very small amount for it and I’m just disgusted at the cost of it. I wanted to know if theres anything that can be done about it?

I find it annoying as you can’t change your age or your postcode or all this stuff that doesn’t matter. I’ve got home insurance that I pay waaaay less for a month is madness.

Administrator answers:

Hi Lucas, you’re right. It is disgusting. Unfortunately for you, it is something to do with most road traffic accidents in the UK caused by young male drivers under the age of 25. Consequently, insurance companies have to increase the premiums to recover their costs and you are in the target age group.

James asks…

Cheapest convertible for a young driver?

I’m 18 and have 5 grand ish to spend on a new car. I keep looking on auto trader and cant find one thats reasonably low on insurance apart from a ka or smart car which i dont like. Can anoyone suggest one please?

Administrator answers:

No there is not one. All convertables are in a higher risk insurance group as they are so easy to break into.

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