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June 11, 2012

Laura asks…

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers?

Help me the definition of this thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

Many young drivers are in search for the cheapest car insurance they could find. Most insurance companies agree that there is a greater risk where young drivers are concerned. This is because, having little driving experiences and while still in the process of learning, young drivers are most likely to get involved in car accidents. Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers can be a difficult task and there also a lot of things to consider.

Mark asks…

anywhere for cheap young driver car insurance?

Hi everyone, I am an 18 year old male with a 2.0 petrol Ford Focus 1999 5dr hatchback and my monthly outgoing for car insurance is £145! (I don’t even know the annual premium) but that is third party and I am only a named driver on my mums policy with 2 years of no claims. I have NEVER crashed or damaged anyone elses property in any way. I understand that young driver insurance is expensive but my insurance still seems to be twice as expensive as any of my friends. Could someone please point me in the direction of a young driver specialist insurance who is actually cheap as I have been on these websites before and I get quoted ridiculous figures such as £12,000! Please help me I am pulling my hair out.
Also there are no modifications on my car.
I live in the UK and so US sites are no good, Thanks…

Administrator answers:

There are no young driver specialists.

If the car is really yours and you are really the main driver then you and Mum are committing insurance fraud. This is called “Fronting” – see the bbc news link below for independent details of the world of hurt you are opening yourself up to. If you try to claim there is a good chance you will be detected. If stopped by the Police they do have ways to find out and know full well what to watch for.

My guess is that you are fronting as you called it your insurance. The problem you have is that the car is too large and engine for a teen to get cover on at a reasonable price. Trying to run before you can walk. You need to be in a 1.0 to 1.2 litre motor with no mods

David asks…

What is the cheapest auto insurance for young drivers?

With your experiences with auto insurance, whats been the cheapest you’ve had or knew someone had. I’m 20 with a 2001 Mazda Protege LX 2.0L in NYS

Administrator answers:

There is no such company. The cheapest company for one person may be the most expensive for the next person. Call around, get quotes. It is THE only way.

Mary asks…

Is there any car insurance companies that offer cheaper than average for young drivers?

I’ve been looking around at quotes for ages now but can’t seem to find any cheap insurance companies that give cheap insurance to young drivers and it’s pi**ing me off because i’m not the type of young driver to get excited and show off and then cause a crash. I passed my test a few weeks ago and i’m 18, 19 in december. I heard about those trackers my cousins got one but he isn’t allowed to drive past 11 o clock or else his premium will increase and i’ll sometimes need to drive past that time.

Administrator answers:

“i’m not the type of young driver to get excited and show off and then cause a crash”

Prove it by driving a few years without a claim and they will reduce your premium slightly, until then your going to have to pay the same as everyone else.

Ken asks…

what insurance companies are cheap for young drivers that have 6points due to non insurance?

Administrator answers:

That is a tough one as insurance depends alot on where you live and what you drive, but I don’t think this will be too cheap!

The best thing for you to do would be to get an online quote at This will compare all insurance companies in your area and give you the lowest prices!

Hope you can find something cheap!

Steven asks…

what is the cheapest insurance for young drivers?

Administrator answers:

There is nothing cheap for young drivers

Joseph asks…

what is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

So far the cheapest i can find is with aviva but it is still pushing the 2000 mark which is really expensive!!! Any help appreciated thank you :)
I live in the UK by the way

Administrator answers:

If you have found car insurance in your own name, your are under 25 and it is less than £2000 you need to take it and quick before they change their minds. This is asked on here everyday and there is no one answer but you seem to have found the best one for you. If someone your age in different circumstances asks for a quote from them it could easily be twice that.
Now stop messing and snap their hands off.

More reasons why you should form the BBC yesterday –

Maria asks…

what is the cheapest auto insurance company for young drivers?

i’m a 19 yr old male buying a 94 ford escort. what is generally the cheapest insurance company? i got a rate of 445 for 6 months. take it?

Administrator answers:

That is a pretty cheap quote but you should always make sure that you cant find anything cheaper because if you settle for that and then later you find out that you could have done better then you will probably want to kick yourself for settling for what you did.

It doesn’t hurt to look for cheaper especially when you have access to the internet and there quotes on there is free. You should try to use the link below to see if they can find something cheaper for you they usually have a good reputation for finding cheap quotes especially for young people and a lot of the times they can get you more for your money in comparison to what you may find locally.

If you really want the cheapest quote then you will try the link below…

Good Luck!!

Donna asks…

Where can I find cheap car insurance for young driver’s in Ireland?

I am an 18 year old guy,and I can’t find any f****** reasonable motor insurance,because whether I’m 18 or 80 I’m not paying 3/4k a year for a ‘in case’ situation which is most likely never going to happen-i.e a crash.Because I only see driving as a form of driving,not as ‘fun’ or showing off.But I need to have a car to travel.

Administrator answers:

Try Quinn Direct they’re in Ireland and I got a cheap quote of them earlier and I’m 17. Go on or they’ll give you the best prices available

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