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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers

July 4, 2012

Richard asks…

Cheapest car insurance company for young drivers?

I am 18 and just passed my test. Any one know of any really cheap insurers that i can go with?

Administrator answers:

Sorry, as two people have suggested there’s no such thing, HOWEVER it totally depends on all factors surrounding you, a few tips to look out for are as follows…

Your Postcode is one of the main factors when trying to get insurance, If your own postcode is in a high crime area w/e you can find these lists everywhere on the net, if your in a high crime area you can try get it insured to be at another address.

Check the usage of the policy your going for, one mistake everyone uses is that they tick social domestic and pleasure, this means you can’t drive to work… Lol, you have to have a policy that allows you to select “Comuting to a single place of work” or for w/e purpose you need it for.

Insurance group for your car, if you already have a car then I hope for your own sake it’s between the groups 1-4.

Engine size, regardless of the insurance group a lot of companies also go by engine size thats because generally the engine can be a 1.7 TD or a 1.2petrol, and by default the 1.2 may or will be cheaper to insure.

The best advice I can give you is……DO SOME RESEARCH :D otherwise you’ll never find out, Yahoo Answers is not the place for this question imo, you need to start reseaching,,, and so on, use these but also find the indepentant firms as well, DIRECT LINE is actually extremely cheap esp for fully comp, I made a big mistake and hope you don’t. :) Good luck.

Laura asks…

cheapest insurance for young drivers in the uk?

Administrator answers:

Get an online insurance quote. Check out

Nancy asks…

Cheap insurance for (2002) BMW 3 Series for young drivers?

Hi everybody

Does anyone know a cheap car insurance for BMW 1.9 – 2.0 for a young male driver?

GoCompare didn’t show any good deals yet , so any ideas?

Any help appreciated.


Administrator answers:

It is illegal to say that you are a secondary driver and get your parents (or someone older with a good driving record preferably female) to say they are the primary driver… However it is perfectly legal to add someone with a clean driving record etc as a secondary driver and this can often bring the bill down, even though there are more drivers. Generally speaking though prestige cars have unaffordably high insurance for young drivers. Ring around and try your luck, different insurers will offer different rates but don’t expect miracle prices.

Lisa asks…

Cheapest car Insurance companies for younger drivers?

Does anyone know any car insurance companies in UK that are cheapest for first time young drivers. Im a 21 year old male and will be putting my parent as the second driver to reduce it.

Im not asking for cheap car insurance, I know that doesnt exist. But Im just asking for cheaper insurance companies because some of them are asking for ridiculous prices like 6,7 grand. I only want a second hand Fiat Punto, please help I cant afford this its just too much. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Insurance cost depends on a LOT of factors, what would suit you would not suit another person,

Just take some quotes online, phone some brokers offline, walk into a broker’s office.

Sharon asks…

car insurance for young drivers UK?

im 17 atm and passed my test last week ive been looking at car insurance for a cars but the insurance is really expensive for a 17 year old what are cheap car insurances for young drivers in the uk?

Administrator answers:

Im 23 but im still young and my insurance is still expensive, so for you to get cheap insurance, NO CHANCE. The best way to find cheapest car insurance though is by going on comparison websites which i use every year. They are:

im with Churchill car insurance for nearly 3 years and they have been really cheap for me, you can try their own website and get a quote.

Good luck.

Sandra asks…

What Is The CheapesT Car Insurance For Young Drivers ? In Ireland?

What Is The Company And Website, For 18/19/20 Year Old Drivers, Drving A Seat Ibiza 1Litre,

Administrator answers:

Get your parents to get the insurance on their name. It would be cheaper and you can drive the car.

John asks…

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

I’m 19, and I cannot continue driving with no insurance.. im going to get pulled over!… I can afford monthly insurance for about 150/mo but everyone is charing me double that.. i think i tried every company.. any suggestions?

Administrator answers:


I don’t know what kind of insurance coverage you need or kind of car you have but I can pretty much guarantee that you’re insurance will be no more than $100 a month through the company I’ve listed below (full coverage – cheaper for liability). Check them out I bet they can help and you should not drive without insurance. They don’t penalize you for being young like most companies do. They look at your driving record for the previous 1 year and even there they are fairly forgiving.

Good luck and Happy holidays.

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