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July 16, 2012

Jenny asks…

When you call the insurance companies up, do they reduce the premium price?

I mean the quote you get online, do they reduce from that? or they ask some more questions and look for chances to increase it?
i’m 19, just passed and don’t know much about all these. So shall i talk to them or let anyone elder do it?

any really good cheap insurance site for young drivers? one that you’ve used and found very good!

Got stuck with these insurance stuff, lol; thanks guys

Administrator answers:

Cheatest way to to talk to your parents auto insurance company. Ask how to get discounts, multi-car, multi-line, good driver, good student and any others they may offer.

Daniel asks…

Van insurance young driver?

im 20 years old, been driving for 3 years with 1 year no claims, im a qualified tiler but i cant find van insurance cheaper than 6 grand anywhere its a joke, so i cant work cause i need a van wtf can i do

Administrator answers:

It sounds like agents have been quoting you a commercial auto policy, which is what you need, but it’s also very expensive. Add the fact that you’re a young driver and the price goes up even more. Keep getting quotes, you might find a company with an affordable rate. If there is a local or state trade organization for tilers ask them if they know of any cheap companies. You may have to join and pay an annual fee for the trade association but they might offer group discounts on various types of insurance that make the fee worthwhile.

Chris asks…

Why is insurance Soo costly for young drivers & is there anyway to lower the cost ?

Okay so I’ll be 16 in June & I get my license in October & my mom called the insurance company just wondering hOw much would it be to add me on to the policy & it was 2,000 & something dollars!!! Now I might have to wait until I’m 18 & I really need it because I’m an active student! I play basketball, Cheerlead, run track, Charity events, a lot of stuff & my parents are tired of driving me everywhere ? Is there anyway it can be cheaper ? Oh & I want a Kia Soul because it is so cute & it’s cheap & because my name is Kia :)

Administrator answers:

Because teens are newer at driving and more likely to get in an accident. They’re not as experienced. And for some reason BOYS are actually more expensive! Because they supposedly are more reckless than girls. And red cars are more expensive too.. >_>

There’s not really a way to lower it. If you’re going to get your own car, your parents can set it up so you are not insured on any vehicles they have, just your own. That will make the cost go down a little but not much.

If your parents can’t afford it try getting a side job, one that doesn’t interfere with your activities.

Carol asks…

What is the cheapest company to get motorcycle insurance for a young (20 yr old) driver?

Geico is not offered in my state.

Administrator answers:

Allstate. I live and work at an agent in WV and you can reinstate & suspend your bike when you’re not riding it so you’re not paying for all those raining days you can’t ride! Go to and look for a local agent.. Wouldn’t hurt to try!

[i'm 20 too all insurance for our age is HIGH :-( ]

good luck!

Also if you have your auto & bike in the same place it should give you a discount!

Mark asks…

who is the cheapest car insurer you know for young dirvers ?

i have been recently looking at some car qoutes and all off them are asking stupid prices like. £5,000 a month or £10,000 (or over) annually, and thats just for a 1.1 – 1.3 L a crap car like a citroen saxo. ok so i know by the time i pass my test i will be 18, but still even with my dad on it its not far off them prices. does anybody else think that car insurance for young male drivers is not right ?

Administrator answers:

Insurance premiums are calculated by various risk factors. Some you’re stuck with, like your age, sex & location and some you can alter.
Older cars are generally more expensive to insure. So are cheap cars, regardless of age. Ceratin makes & models are expensive, regardless of insurance group or engine size. The Saxo is particularly bad because cars with poor safety ratings are more expensive.
Average insurance premiums for young drivers are lower than they were this time last year, but that is meaningless. You just have to do the work & get quotes.

William asks…

Best young driver insurance company ?? (Ireland)?

so just got my full licence and was wondering which company would be the best and cheapest for me? 10 points :)

Administrator answers:

When I got my licence people were telling me ah Quinn insurance will be the cheapest but when I priced around AXA was the cheapest price that I got that year.
So never go by what someone else tells you and just price around yourself because it was gonna be a different price for everyone

Charles asks…

Driving without insurance?

I got pulled over today and i got a ticket for not having insurance. I been trying to get insurance but since im a young driver its not that cheap for the insurance so i cant afford it. Im planning to get insurance before my court date. Will that help if i get insurance before my court date? I dont really have the money to pay for that ticket. The surcharge is like $725

Administrator answers:

If you dont get insurance, you could go to jail. It is compulsory in
most states for drivers to carry liablility insurance. If you hit someone
and cause 30k in damage how would you pay for that? It really is
not smart to drive without it let alone it being illegal. I would HIGHLY recommend you get insurance before going to court!

Also try different insurance companies, I used esurance and they are fairly reasonable on cost. Also you can adjust your coverage levels to adjust your premium.

Whatever you do show up with valid proof of insurance at your court date!!

Sandra asks…

Can I repurchase auto insurance from the company I’m with currently?

I recently added a young driver to my auto insurance that caused my premium to go up. While searching auto insurance quotes at for a cheaper rate, I see that my current carrier is offering a better rate for the same coverage. How can I go about receiving the better rate from my insurance company?

Administrator answers:

Sometimes those automated websites are not accurate so I would print out the quote, call the carrier and tell them what you found. If the quote is acurante they will honor it. Otherwise threaten to change companies. My guess is that when you entered the info on something was missing.
If you’re trying get a policy from the same carrier but not including the young driver…that won’t work because the young driver was already disclosed and most carriers will not take him/her off unless you provide proof that they have their own insurance. There are many cases of fraud where people do not disclose young drivers so once it is disclosed, they’re hard to take off.
Good luck.

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