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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers

July 19, 2012

William asks…

Question about first insurance quote for a young driver?

Last week I used autotrader to search for numerous quotes and found one for around £1450.

Today I passed my driving test, and went back to the quote but it had to be renewed since last week which is fair enough. The lowest value today was £1576 which I am alright with.

I refreshed the page a while later to find that quote had disappeared and the cheapest was £1620, with the company for that quote (elephant) at the bottom with an “unable to find a quote” detail.

I thought it would come back soon, so I refreshed the page and then suddenly the price increased to £2950 minimum and many of the cheaper companies were now listed as unable to find a quote. Strange, but perhaps the websites are too busy to send data. An hour on though and the price is still £2950.

Did anyone else have this problem?
If so when was it fixed, the same day or next day?
Just to say the insurance quotes for cheaper companies re-appeared today and went down to £1400 so perhaps it is a peak time thing

Administrator answers:

Did you learn the first time not to refresh the page.

Jenny asks…

How much do you think insurance would cost for me?

I am 16 just got my lisence. I live in NS Canada. i completed the young drivers course which is supposed to make it cheaper. i plan on driving a 99 jeep cherokee.

Administrator answers:

You’re a teenage boy……………………not cheap

Steven asks…

What insurance should i get….?

I need to find the best insurance that is gonna be the cheapest. i checked qoutes on progressive and i got a qoute for like 500-600 dollars a month which i feel is too much! what insurance would you reccommend for young drivers? Ive had my liscense for a year and a half and have two points on it

Administrator answers:

Well I have Liberty Mutual and it’s GREATTTT!!! I pay $80 dollars a month and my parents bought a brand new Cooper and they pay under $200! But the only thing, is that they might not accept you because you need to keep a very clean driving record. I’ve been with them for 3 years now and they’ve worked just fine. Give them a call and see what happens.

Sharon asks…

Cheapest insurers for a first time 18yrold with pass plus??

Hi iv’e just brought a 2002 vw polo and wanted to get my first insurance on it. Can you recommend any cheap insurers for first time drivers and young drivers. I’ve completed my pass plus as well. Thanks for the help xxx

Administrator answers:

I look it up online and apparently ‘pass plus’ is a program in the UK to teach safer driving habits(?) I’m not sure which insurance is the cheapest in the US, but I’ve heard that geico (commercial with the gecko) doesn’t like to pay medical claims of their customers (say from an auto accident). If you are in the US, AAA (american automobile association) may not be too badly priced. I think that they generally recommend ‘no fault’ insurance in case one gets injured in a car accident.

Website for AAA:

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