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June 4, 2012

Sharon asks…

Cheap car insurance for young drivers?

I’m turning 17 in a few weeks and plan to start taking driving lessons. My parents are looking into cars for me, they are only prepared to pay £1000 for my first car, but it’s the insurance that is so expensive. There are a few cars that I have seen that I like, but any quote I try and get for them is at least £2,500!

Are there any companies that do cheaper car insurance for young drivers or any ways that I could make the insurance cheaper?
Also, i’ve heard that getting the insurance in one of my parents names then only being a named driver on the policy is cheaper, but when I have looked it doesn’t seem to make much difference?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Wish I had just one pound for every time this same tale has been told on here in the last few weeks.
Sadly there are no specialist companies for young drivers – that would be like Turkeys voting to keep Christmas.
From the many questions on here it is clear that £2500 plus is the going rate for teen drivers. Just like many things in life as you go along somethings have to wait until you are older and can afford them or maybe you never do get to afford them. Fr you it seems it is best if car ownership waits a few years yet.

Daniel asks…

How to get a cheap car insurance for young driver?

Administrator answers:

No teenage car insurance is going to be cheap, but there are a few ways you can make it cheap-er. If you can get the young driver to take any safe driver courses that your state offers, that will reduce the premium a little. If the young driver has maintained a B average at high school, this proves that he or she is a responsible person, so you should show the insurance company a copy of the transcript.

The vehicle is also very important. It should have at least a driver’s side airbag, an anti-lock braking system, day time running lights and an alarm system – the more safety features it has the better. The engine size is also important, a first car should not have a high powered engine and preferably not be an exotic foreign vehicle. Hope this helps.

Sandra asks…

Cheap car insuarance for young drivers?

Im an 18 year old girl just passed my driving testr didnt think insurance would be so much. Iv checked most comparison sites does anyone know how to bring my insurance down or cheap deals:?

Administrator answers:

This gets asked with depressing regularity on here. You’d think this site didn’t have a search facility…

There is no such thing as cheap car insurance for teens, anything below £3000 is a major result, and if you can’t afford that, you can’t afford a car.

Richard asks…

Has anyone used Young Driver Insurance ? With CO OP?

Im searching for cheap car Insurance, I came across CO OP Young Car Insurance, Been Quote £1700 with my 1 years no claims and been driving for 4 years.

Without CO OP insurance confused website I did the same search was quoted £2500.

Has anyone had CO OP young Insurance can you tell me the Pros and Cons of this Insurance Company, Also if I was driving at 35MPH in a 30zone would I banned from the Insurance company.
Came Across:

For the first three months, you pay the normal rate, same as anyone who does not have a box fitted. At three month intervals, we review the data. If you have done night driving after 11pm, broke the speed limit, or driven erratically, we will have that information, and will increase your monthly payments. If you haven’t broken those three rules, your premium will come down.

What if I make full payment for the Whole Year? Are they going to increase my Policy up if I decide to drive after 11pm?

Administrator answers:

Even if you could pay the whole year off at once initially they review your driving habits every three months based on the data the device gathers.. If your driving habits warrant a premium increase then they’ll bill you for the additional amount. Considering the amount of conditions needed to be considered a “safe” driver I’m not sure how anyone can be considered a “safe” driver unless they drive like they’re 80.

Joseph asks…

Car insurance Ireland. For young drivers?

I’m trying to get insurance for the first time on my own policy and it just seems impossible to get a cheap price.
does anybody know any insurer in Ireland that does cheap quotes i just need the legal bare minimum.
i don’t see how i cant get under 2000 its very annoying and i just need a quote. does anyone know any way to help me?
also I’m an 18 year old driver with a 1.4l polo, if that helps

Administrator answers:

For young drivers the insurance Priemon?s are always high its impossible to get a really cheap policy if you are 18 some policy you can get good deals on but you are going to find it really really hard
and for a 1.4 thats a big no no you need a 10L even then you are going to pay £1.000 plus you need to search young drivers insurance really

Lizzie asks…

Cheap insurance for a 95 reg 4.6 litre Range Rover as a young driver.?

I am aged 18, have had my license for over a year & have one years no claims discount.

I have recently purchased a Range Rover with cost nothing to transfer over from the car already on my policy, however upon renewal it will cost me a whopping 4K to insure!

Does anybody know of any companies which either specialise in this department or will be able to get me a cheaper quote? Currently I have tried both & but was wondering if there are some other cheaper companies which are a little more unknown.

Would be really grateful if someone helps me find a cheaper quote as that is just daylight robbery.

Administrator answers:

Four grand is a bargain for your age, I’d take the policy.

Paul asks…

Car Insurance????

I just turnt twenty..and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to get cheap car insurance for young drivers as I hear its pretty expensive these days…I want to purchase a 1.7 Ford Puma 2000 or 2002..Thanks

Administrator answers:

For bonza car insurance deals, girls get on to Shelia’s wheels

Lisa asks…

Best Auto Insurance for a young driver?

I live in Chicago and I’m turning 19 years old. My dad has 3 cars, a 99′ Chevy Malibu is the cheapest but i’ll probably end up using his other car which is an 03′ Nissan Altima to get to school. any additional info i should include?

Administrator answers:

Keeping insurance in the family is usually the best way to go – you should be able to insure under your Dad’s policy, but with you as primary driver on one of the vehicles – then you pay him whatever the cost is for that vehicle with you as driver – there will be multi-car discounts, etc that will lower the cost.

Susan asks…

How can i get cheaper car insurance there must be a way!?

Hi i really can’t afford much and i do want a cheaper car insurance quote for my car.But i don’t know much about how to get my car insurance quote down is there any tips or ways that you can tell me because its expensive and i am not even a classed as a young driver so it should be cheap!

Administrator answers:

All the tricks and tips are all on this brilliant website it will save you loads on your car insurance quote it worked for me ! Go to

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