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June 23, 2012

Helen asks…

How can I lower my car insurance?

Hi, I’m 19 and looking for a new car, I want the new c63 coupe but the insurance is putting me off as £9450 a year is the cheapest I’ve found. I have 2 years ncb and no offences and all that. I have my own business which I thought I could insure through at less cost, but from the limited checking I have done it doesn’t change anything.
Does anyone know of any ways I can get it cheaper, or any insurance companies that specialise in young driver performance car insurance? all I’ve had time for so far is a check on and thats where it was £9450.
Thanks in advance.
Car is a mercedes c63 amg coupe

Administrator answers:

10 Things That You Can Do To Lower your Car Insurance Premium

Donald asks…

Car insurance help please ?

I’m 18 and I am soon to be having a car, (hopefully) now everybody in the UK knows hows stupid car insurance is for new/young drivers. my dad says he will not put me on his insurance as IF i had a crash and needed to claim it would knock off his no claims, that is perfectly understanding but wile looking on Moneysupermarket i noticed the (protect no claims) if i was a named driver on my dads insurance would i get that cheaper, i know later in life i’m gonna have to start my own but thats for when im on more money at work etc, so what i am asking would this work out? and everybody becomes a winner? thank you for any help (im only looking for a Ford Fiesta mk2/3 1.0/1.1)

Administrator answers:

If it is your car and you are the main driver, insuring it in your dad’s name is fraud. They WILL notice and you WILL not be covered – and that is one of the reasons that insruance prices are so ‘stupid’ because lots of stupid little kids try dodges like this.

What you can do is put your dad as a named driver on your insurance, which might reduce the premium. Also look at black boxes, and remember that your car does not improve your image or increase your likelihood of having sex – nor is it a means to go as fast as possible regardless of the situation. Think like this and you might not be one of the one in four little boys who has a big crash each year.

If you can’t afford it, then no car. Welcome to real life.

Ken asks…

Auto Insurance In California : how far goes the liability?

I am french and don’t know anything about auto insurance in the US. I just received my driver license 2 months ago and a very old bettle (1973, value < 1500$) as first car. I never drive before (even in France), I have a clean record.

How work the liability here? Let's say it's not my fault but I crash in a schoolbus and 3 childrens will need medical treatment for the rest of their life because of me. Who will pay for it?
And what if it’s my fault?

[ In France, we have something called "civil responsability" that will pay for that. It's automatically included in every car insurance. ]

I am also browsing the net for cheap but good insurance. I want it cheap because the car is worth nothing. But I want it good because i am a young (no experience) driver. Any tips and links to some websites are welcome.

Thank you very much.

Administrator answers:

Auto Liability Insurance in California goes like this;
State required minimum for Bodily Injury is $15,000/person and $30,000 per incident. Property Damage is $5,000 minimum. If your senario happens and you’re found not at fault for the loss, then your insurance pays nothing to anyone and you’re responsible for nothing. If you are found at fault, the consequences could be catastrophic. If you hold the state minimum, and these children are seriously injured you would probably be sued in court. I suggest having no less than $100,000/$300,000 Bodily Injury and $100,000 Property Damage.
Let’s say your scenario doesn’t happen, but you do rear end a 2006 Mercedes Benc CLS500, and you hold the state required minimum. Let’s also say that no one is hurt, but the car does need to be fixed. Your insurance policy would only pay the limit of $5,000 and the rest is your responsibility.
I’m an insurance adjuster and I’ve seen the repairs to cars like this go upwards of $24,000. Don’t go cheap on your insurance. It is the most important thing you will ever buy. Godspeed.

Paul asks…

What kind of mods should I get for my 96 mustang?

Ok it’s a v6, it’s also my first car. Now before you say “save up for a v8″ believe me I wish I could, but since I’m a young driver, my insurance won’t cover a GT with my current plan. That being said, I want to do a couple light mods/restoration since I got in pretty rough shape. These are the following mods I have put on so far:

Racing stripes, bumper to bumper
Third brake light decal
Billet interior accessories

Flowmaster 40 series, dumped after the muffler
Generic cold air intake. (soon to be installed)

So my question is, what other mods should I get for a fairly cheap price (no more than $400)

Also does anyone know where I can buy replacement center air vents? Mine are completely broken and fall out easily.

Administrator answers:

Well then you’re out of luck cause in all honesty/fact there is nothing you can do to a V6 to get any noticable power w/out breaking the bank and spending more than it’s really worth to do it.

So don’t waste any more money on trying to make it fast. Maybe just fix it up to be a decent runner and do your best not to crash it.

Then maybe in a few years when insurance comes down you can get a GT or something that you can mod

Michael asks…

Is there any user friendly and cheap motorcycles out there?

Hi, I’m 17 years old and looking to get a motorcycle.
I have good grades and will only drive a motorcycle when the “conditions” are right. Like weather, cars on the road Sat. Sun. which has less cars, and going to school and to work.

I don’t care if I “die” and I’m not afraid to die.
I have $7,000 saved up in the bank and would like to buy a Ninja 250 for $3,500 -2008. Plus $400 for gear and classes.

I will get my driver’s license this December and will take the MSD courses in spring of 2010.

I can’t find any used or cheap ninja 250′s around my area and I think I would rather go stright to the dealer rather then the seller because of too much red tape and work.

I think my insurance will be cheaper because I will ride only to school and work and I have “good” grades. Even though I am young.

SO, is there any place I can find any user friendly bikes or cheap ninja 250′s?

Administrator answers:

For a used bike you can look at craigslist, the dealers, classifeds, etc.

I highly suggest a used bike.
Unfortunately a new rider is much more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident than an experienced rider. Not saying it’ll be your fault, just a fact. I hate to see someone who arrears responsible pay a large amount of $$ on a new bike only to be knocked off it by a car accidentally merging into you because “I didn’t even see him.”

The Ninja 250 is an excellent choice for a first bike, but there are others to consider.

Laura asks…

First Car for 17 Year old Boy?

I will be driving soon(less than one year), and after I get my Driver Liscense’s. I will have the chance to buy a Used Car. LOW-INSURANCE( I know for a young Driver, especially a boy it won’t be cheap), Safe, but somewhat fast. I’m talking anywhere from 200-270 Horsepower. Also, I would like a reliable Car. That would have few minimal problems. Preferably, no more than 18,000$.

Thanks Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

You may want to look at the Chrysler 200 S, it features the 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine, coupled with the AutoStick six-speed transmission as standard equipment. It delivers 283 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

Get more information about the Chrysler 200 S by visiting,

Customer Care
Chrysler Group LLC

Chris asks…

First car choice? Too many I’m so confused! ? Help please!?

I’m a young driver and looking to buy a car hasn’t been the most straight forward thing I’ve ever had to do lol.

I just want a car that’s;
Low insurance group and tax,
1.0 litre (nothing more than a 1.2 engine)
good on petrol
cheap to buy

I was looking for puntos, suzuki swifts and corsas :/ any other cars you can recommend? Thanks

Administrator answers:

1.0 Corsa will be pretty much the cheapest to insure, parts will be cheap because there are like 5 bajillion Corsas around thesa days ;) Small engine will be cheap on fuel, and the cars themselves are pretty cheap to buy because they’re in such great supply – don’t go for the cheapest you see though, because you may end up paying for it later when something inevitably goes wrong! Try Skoda Fabias too, they’re really cheap to run/insure, and apparently they’re really reliable too.

And one important thing – GET INSURANCE QUOTES BEFORE YOU BUY IT!!! I work for an insurance company, and you wouldn’t believe the number of kids that buy a car for £800, then can’t afford the insurance because the cheapest they can get it for is £4000.

Thomas asks…

born abroad car insurance premiums higher?

I have been gathering quotes for car insurance online on confused and was delighted to see the price down at £615 for once as I have been getting car insurance every year since the age 18 and it has always been over £1000.

However, just having a quick check over my details to make sure everything I had entered was correct and then I noticed I had ticked the “resident from birth” box.

I was born in Spain as my mother went over there to work and then had me.

I was born in 87 and she took me back home in 88 or 89 roughly. (She is a full British citizen born and raised in UK).

As I have no contact with my father and I don’t even remember being in Spain or nor can I even speak the language well, I feel fully British and also am regarded as a British citizen. My mum also registered me at a british consulate in april 88, just 6 months after I was born.

So I put on the form that I became a resident in 1988. I then calculate the prices again and the insurance quotes shoot up with £955 being the cheapest and the rest going up to £1000.

I then think back to all the years I have been paying the insurance and building up my no claims and being the perfect driver with no claims despite having to pay the shocking premiums that young people have to pay and this makes me absolutely livid that my insurance goes up by £340 to £400 based on the fact that I was born in Spain and spent 1 year of my life there and the rest of the 23 years as British Citizen raised here.

I am just wondering if I could get away with just going ahead and saying that I was a resident from Birth as I have a baby on the way and really wish that my premiums were a reasonable ammount for once or I should go through it and just demand that they bring the premiums down to the £615 like originally quoted!

It just makes me really annoyed that they can get away with this kind of stuff and I really don’t like the fact that I am having to pay higher premiums just for the sake of it.

Any advice on this?

Administrator answers:

Never ever tell lies to an insurer – its fraud and a very serious matter if caught out and you will be suprised how many people are. Insurers love a reason not to have to pay a claim.

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