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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers Cars

July 11, 2012

Donna asks…

Cost to repair dent in this ’02 Chevy Cavalier?

Recently got into a little accident while I was backing out of a parking space, wasn’t paying attention and the front left of my bumper nudged into the rear passenger side door of the car parked next to me. I opted to settle outside of insurance since being a younger driver still my rates would go through the roof. She took it into a couple local shops and the cheapest quote she got was $1500 which seemed pretty astronomical for the damage done.. The police officer present said the damage probably wouldn’t cost me more than $300 and everyone agreed it was minor. You can imagine my shock when she called and gave me the estimate. Pictures are here:

The car is a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier, it says brown on her insurance but I would say more of a silver, either way you can see it in the pictures. All we really have around here are Mom & Pop garages, so can someone tell me if the prices she was quoted are accurate or should I take the pictures to a franchise in a bigger town and see what they ask for the job? I realize I am completely at fault here, I just want to make sure I’m not getting screwed around so can someone actually look at the pictures and let me know if $1500 is a reasonable price to pay for the damage?

I was considering the junkyard idea as it seems like a good one to me, but since this woman agreed to settle out of insurance with me doesn’t it mean she has the right to choose which garage she takes it to? She seems nice but I don’t think she would be down with the idea of getting some old door from a junkyard and slapping it on there. They’re from a part of town that isn’t too well off, she’s 43 years old and works full time at McDonald’s, so as normal as this car is, it’s probably her pride and joy so she wants it to be exactly like it was before I hit it, which I suppose is not that unreasonable.

Administrator answers:

$1500??? Was that dude that gave the estimate smoking pot???

It seems like a 10 hour body job (its not really 10 hours they will just charge you), 10 hour paint (again bullshit)
$30 and hour
plus paint and stuff…….. I would say $800-$900 depending on where you go.
Now for $300 you could get one of those paintless repair people they come to you house or office and repair the car, which this car seems like it is ok for that
but there is no way in hell that it would be $1500 to repair it

hell i got a new bumper on my old car (nissan murano) and it was $600

at MOST that would cost $1000

Sandra asks…

Which (used) car is cheaper to own: Civic or Accord?

So I’m in the market for a used car, and I’m looking at Hondas between 1998 and 2004. I know the Civic will be cheaper both at the car lot and the gas pump, but will that be negated by high insurance premiums because I’m a younger driver?

I’m 23/f with a clean driving record . . . but I will also have to cover my 21-year-old boyfriend as an occasional driver, and he had an accident in 2005. I know he’ll push up the premiums, especially on a car like the Civic. Will it be worth it, considering what I’d save on fuel and initial cost?
State Farm pretty much told me the boyfriend needs to be covered since we’re in the same household – that’s why I feel I have to include him (though I’m not with State Farm yet – I’m still shopping for insurance, too).

Administrator answers:

Its tough to say really, but generally civics would be cheaper to maintain.

But it depends on so many factors.

Naturally the V-6 model accords will be higher maintenance and insurance cost.

Laura asks…

Any advice for shopping for a first car?

Soon to be a licensed driver, I have been looking around for a first car. The budget is this: $5000 plus whatever I can make over the summer, my parents will match it. (So if I make $3000, my parents would give me $5000 + match the $3000 for a total of $11000).
A little background, though. I feel as though it is probably more sensible to buy a cheap car I don’t mind wrecking, I feel like I deserve (for lack of a better word, I know that I am just a teen and have legitimately worked for only a few pennies in my life, please don’t assume I’m a senseless brat) a nicer car. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and the majority of my classes are Honors and AP classes. I love cars, and I have since I was 11. I would watch my dad work on cars (and sometimes help) as he taught me about the engine and how the car works, I would love washing cars to see them shine after all the miles, and one of the highlights of my life was when my dad recently bought a new BMW 5 series (and even let me drive it occasionally). I have a greater appreciation for the automobiles we rely on daily than most my age.

With that being said, I would deeply appreciate any advice that you guys with experience could share.
Right now, my heart is set on an early Infiniti G35 coupe that can be had for around ~$10k with the mileage going from 90k-140k. I know what hidden costs that a luxurious sporty car can bring to someone as so young like myself. I am depending on my grades, a Driver’s Education course, and my parent’s flawless credit and driving record to keep insurance costs down, and the dependability of an Infiniti brand car to keep repairs costs down.

Administrator answers:

Welp, I’m sure you already will be but definitely take someone with you with good knowledge of cars, sounds like your dad.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting a nicer car if you’re young and have the means to do so. Just give yourself something to look forward to. I hate when kids get a brand new Benz, like what are you going to look forward to if you start out with a car most people only dream of having?

Buying your first car is magical. You’ll know it when you see it. Any dealers you are thinking about research online first, get a feel for their inventory, then go in open-minded. Shop around before you choose, and don’t let your parents or the salesperson talk you into something you don’t love.

EDIT: Don’t forget about fees and taxes and all that other jazz, give yourself wiggle room of at least 1,000-$1,500 for the dealer fees, taxes, reg fees, and things you’ll want to buy for it like car mats and what have you…and with used cars its usually a good idea to purchase a new battery…

Mark asks…

Is my dream car worth the money/maintenance fees?

My dream car is a BMW and you are all probably thinking “why a bmw?”. I’ve always wanted a BMW since the first day i laid my eyes on one. The way it looks, the symbol, and how I always turn my eye and stare at one in the streets. ( I never driven one so I can tell about the “feel”,etc.)

I want to save up enough money to buy at least a 2003+ BMW and I’ve checked online already and the cheapest I saw for that year was a little under 20,000. I’m sure insurance is going to cost me 5,000 a year since I am young and will be a primary driver.

my question is buying a BMW worth it considering the maintenance cost is expensive and insurance will be too?

Administrator answers:

Since you mentioned that you’re young, I’m guessing you are around 16-21? You don’t have to get your dream car as your first car. In fact it’s not a good idea to buy your dream car as your first car. There are couple reasons for that:

1) There is a high chance that you’ll get too exited and drive it recklessly, leading to a crash. BMW makes performance car. Performance cars are often not good for young drivers. Trust me I used to be a great driver when I drove with my parents but I started driving it little recklessly when I started driving on my own. Happens with everyone, and if you are driving a performance car there is a good chance of crashing it.
2) BMW requires premium fuel, premium fuel costs almost $4 per gallon right now. Even if you get the diesel version, diesel cost around $3.70 per gallon right now. You would be spending lots of money on fuel. You would most likely get the 3-series which has a fuel economy of 18 city, most people get only 10-12 city mpg.
3) High insurance, you would be paying almost $2000.
4) High cost of ownership: Total 5-year Ownership Cost is $37,016.

Is it worth at your age? No. Most, if not all, of your money will be going towards this car unless your parents are going to help out with the cost. There is so many better things that you can do with that money in your age. Instead of spending $37,016 on cost of ownership, you can spend that money for your college tuition. My suggestion is go to college,graduate, get a good job and than buy your dream car. I know it sucks but this car will cost you a arm and a leg. You will have to say good bye to your social life and work work work to pay for the costs of this car.

This website breaks down the costs for a 2006 BMW 3-Series:

The cost of fuel is going to more now because price of fuel went up and your insurance is going to be more because you are a young driver, but this gives you a good idea.

Richard asks…

Should I live in Boston or the ‘burbs?

Alright, so I have a job in a Massachusetts suburb, about an hour outside of Boston. And I can’t decide if I want to live in a city area like Brookline, Brighton, or Cambridge or an Outside suburb, Lexington, Newton, Burlington, etc. Pro’s and con list:

It’s in the middle of everything!
I can make friends, have stuff to do, etc
It’s near a college and great architecture which I love!
I’m not much of a club-goer or anything, but it’s nice to have social options
‘it’s expensive: My budget is 2k, and I can’t find anything over 500 sq feet in these areas!
The commute: I’ve been commuting all my adult life, I don’t want to drive an hour to get to work, even if it is a reverse commute (for what it’s worth I’d only be doing it 3x a week, but I’m a shitty, shitty driver)
Parking might be an issue (I can’t NOT take my car, I have to get to work!)
– It’s cheaper, or at least I get more house for the money
– I LOVE those comforts like in-unit laundry that I probably couldn’t find in the city
– It’s a way shorter commute to work, like 20-30 minutes vs 40 or 50 minutes
– Parking and owning a car is way easier (so is insurance)
– They’re in the middle of nowhere, and there’s nothing to do past 9pm. I could drive into the city, but is that really likely something I’ll do?
– It’s not Boston…. :-(
– I’m a single young twenty something with no friends in the area. Do I really want to commit that kind of social suicide by moving to the suburbs?

Administrator answers:

Move to Boston. You are only young once. You would trade all the fun of Boston for laundry???Give up your car and find public transportation to work. Driving is bad on any given day, but wait till the winter and no place to park when all those No Parking/Plowing Streets signs come out. Think of the towing fees. The suburbs are boring. Find a room mate and split costs, figure out your commute. You will so regret being out of it in the suburbs!

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