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April 26, 2012

Carol asks…

Where can I go for cheap car insurance for a young male driver?

My 17 year old is taking lessons but we’ve discovered that the cost of adding him to our car insurance is prohibitive. I’d really like him to be able to drive our car as my husband is disabled and I also look after my 80 year old mother so having somebody else in the family with a licence will be a real boon, but the current quotes for adding him to my insurance seem to be pushing the cost up from £260 per year to £250 per month!

Administrator answers:

Go to it’s the cheapest place by far that I found.

Lisa asks…

Cheap car & insurance for young male driver?

Cheap car & insurance for young male driver?
My brother is 23. He has passed his licence 2 years ago and his pass plus 1 1/2 years ago. He’s still struggling to find a car & insurance that he can afford. He’s not fussy about the type of car so long as it’s not a girls car (ie chiqichenco). The insurance can be third party etc. He has a budget of £400 for the car, what should he buy? The insurance quotes so far for various 1.0l-1.3l cars have all been over £1000 which is out of his price range.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Administrator answers:

The only reason he’s getting quotes as cheap as £1000 is because he’s over 21. New drivers are usually £2k+, he’ll not get much better than that I’m afraid.

Richard asks…

Car insurance for young drivers?

I was wondering what insurers provide the most favourable quotes for an 18old male like myself?

The cheapest car insurance quote I could get was £2262, on an independant insurance website.

The comparison websites are useless, I just get results of £3000 or more. I am asking if I can get cheaper than this figure? or should I just selttle for 2262?
2 hours ago I was 17, I got another quote there now, 400 pounds less now:P LOL

£1800, now

Administrator answers:

£1800 -take their hands off now before they change their minds – that is very cheap.

Jenny asks…

who is the cheapest car insurance company for a young driver?(19 yrs old male)?

Administrator answers:

No idea but if you try companies like AA insurance, or they can find you the cheapest insurance out of loads of different insurance companies.

Joseph asks…

car insurance for young drivers?

I passed my test around 5 months ago, and i am a 17 year old male.
I was hoping to be on the road fairly sharpish, but the price of insurance has stopped me,
the cheapest quote i can get at the moment, for a citeron c1, is £1,800. Does anyone know how to get the price of insurance down, just as me on the car on my own without any other drivers, and does anyone else think its ridiculous that were getting charged so much money, surely keeping someone off the road for 5 months and then letting them get in a car is more dangerous than letting them drive strait away?

Administrator answers:

I can give you a tip. In order for you to save time and effort finding a good car insurance quote for you, you better search it online. Save500 is a good site which will assist you to find the best insurance quote in your state. All you have to do is enter your zip code and fill up the required information. The good thing about this is that it doesnt ask you for any money. They will be the one to analyze your data and suggest you which car insurance quote is best for you. You will then be the one to decide which one you will choose .

Robert asks…

how much is car insurance for me as a young driver?

I was just wondering how much people normally pay on car insurance because im sure im being quoted wrong. Im male and 21 and wanted insurance for an old corsa or pergeot or just any car which is cheap on insurance

Administrator answers:

A lot. Wait until older.

Lizzie asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance for young driver?

I’m 19 and had my NY license for 1 year now. I am a male and um I’m not looking for an expensive car. just a cheap one under 10g

Administrator answers:

There isn’t a best one I am afraid,.. You will have to shop around like the rest of us.

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