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May 23, 2012

James asks…

Do Quinns Insurance still trade in the UK?

I heard they went bust. and i know they did cheap car insurance for young drivers…. but their website still works (i think)

Im confused (.com – LOL!)

And someone told me they dont trade in the UK anymore….

Administrator answers:

Yes they do. They went into administration but they’re still trading and have offices in Manchester.

Thomas asks…

Finding £2000-£3000 insurance for young driver?

With my UK license I intend on buying myself a car for university (GOLF or POLO). Being a young driver (19 years old), insurers are less than happy to offer cheap insurances. The best quote I’ve found so far from gocompare and dozens of other websites are Quinn Direct with £3800.
Could you please suggest where to get cheap 3rd party insurance, you’re welcome to mention other car models if it helps cheapening it.

Administrator answers:

Find yourself any car you like with the lowest insurance group possible – use to see different makes/models and their insurance groupings.

Use all the compare sites (try Also try fully comp as well of third party fire and theft and third party only. For me third party fire and theft was cheaper for the first few years, now fully comp is. For some reason third party only has never been cheaper for me.

Your address effects the price. Whether the car is fitted with an approved alarm/immobiliser, whether it is garaged, sometimes the colour, your occupation, your milage (they normally say estimated so just b.s them). Pretty much every question they ask effects the price.

In the end of the day you may have to forget about the car you want and drive something else until you have built your no claims. The price does drop quite a bit with the key ages of 21 and 25 (providing you keep no claims).

Susan asks…

UK only pls.whats the cheapest car insurance for 17 yr old male?

my son has just passed his test and bought a cheap ‘runaround’ 1.1 punto. He is obviously going to pay high premiums, but quotes for third party insurance are between £2000/4000! Also because he is under 18 yrs, he cannot choose to pay by installments. Would it be better to register the vehicle in my name,set up a policy and have him as named driver? I hold a full UK license for 12 years but have always been on my hubby’s car insurance policy, so dont have any no claims. I have never had an accident. Is this the cheapest way for him to obtain insurance? I know he wont build up no claims this way, but he only earns minimum wage and doesnt have the sort of money ‘up-front’ that they are asking. I have noticed that the companies who claim to specialise in young drivers were some of the highest quotes! thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

You can register the vehicle in your name, buy the vehicle from him and set up a policy with him as a named driver BUT

You will have to declare him as the main driver and that he goes to and from work (assuming he will). If you do that then you won’t find much if any premium saving.

Have you tried an insurance broker locally – they have a range of insurers to choose from so will help you to winnow many of the companies and save you time.

You will also save your son from falling into the trap of buying a policy solely on price and then finding out that he isn’t covered because he failed to obey some petty policy restriction.

Nancy asks…

what is the cheapest car insurance company to use when im 17 and just passed my test?

any cheap companys or specialist companys for young drivers? in the UK (england)

Administrator answers:

Try insurance

Donna asks…

Buying a car as a young driver 17 years old and in the UK?

Okay im soon taking my driving lessons so i can learn to drive to and from college as my mom recently had an accident and it has put her off driving so she cant take me no more.

Im looking for a cheap car, low running costs and lowest insurance as possible. I dont really earn much being on a minimum wage.

Please give me advice with links!!!!

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Best place to look would be auto trader or even your local newspaper.

You should be able to pick up a cheap car thats nothing special probably a 1.2 or 1.3L for about £500

Insurance may be a little high for your first time, but places like tesco or virgin do the best deals ive found.

At least if you buy a cheapo to start with if you do bang it etc its not a big worry. ( Or even if it breaks )

Hope this helps in any way.


Chris asks…

**UK Question only** Is Car Insurance compulsory for a car owner?? or is it an option that you can choose?

Its nearly time for me to take driving lessons as i am turning 17 and i would now like to get more information about car insurance.
Having looked at the quotes from certain websites, car insurances for young driver like myself are stupidly overpriced, and this was just for car with cheapest insurances (1.0 liter engines).
The cheapest i found was over £2500 annual, having looked at this I was completely shocked.

So here i am in need for help from the experienced ones.
Is car insurance an option that you can avoid if you wish or is it a compulsory for a car owner?
Does the type of insurance vary on final cost?? (i chose comprehensive insurance which covered damage to car but there were other options that covered theft etc..)

It would really help if you could share your knowledge.
I would like to thank all of you in advance for your help.

Administrator answers:

Car insurance is compulsory everywhere in the world where you need a license.

Linda asks…

Cheap Car Insurance?

I am 34 and have had a valid UK full Licence for over 2 years now. I had my wife as the second driver who had her UK Full licence for less than a year. She has a small accident as she hit a parked car when parking in narrow street. The insurance then climbed up from 330 to 600 Pounds. We lost our no claims bonus too. Our insuarnce is again coming up for renewal and when I enter all the details, we dont get any quote cheaper than 450 pounds. My wife is just 1 yr younger than me. Do you know of any insurance website which could gives us a quote in the range of 300 pounds for a 02 ford fiesta (old shape)??

Administrator answers:

Try esure

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