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June 16, 2012

Jenny asks…

first car for young driver?

so i’m looking for a good first car for a young driver (UK) it needs to be reliable and quite cheap to run (insurance, price of car,petrol etc)
i’ve been told to look for a car from the mid-late 90′s for cheap and reliable
ford ka, ford fiesta, renault clio, vauxhall corsa? or any other suggestions thanks =]

Administrator answers:

You want a nice small car that boy racers dont have, as this puts the insurance up, Citreon C1, C2 or C3 are ok,
Renault clio
Ford Fiesta
Subaru Justy
Kia Picanto
as people have said, keep the engine small try not to go above 1.3L

ALSO try using autotrader on there if you look at a car and click on Vehicle Summary it will show you want insurance group they are! Http://

Good luck finding a car!!

Donald asks…

Best insurance companies? Fully comp or thrd party, fire and theft? (UK)?

Hi Ive just bought a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25L and looking to insure it for next week when I pick it up. Am I better off going fully comprehensive or going third party fire and theft? Which companies are the best and which are the cheapest for young drivers. Im 25 and passed my test last month!
Sorry the I bought it for £1,125

Administrator answers:


Its the last month of their cool offer (which i took advantage of in January)… Where they give all new customers using their insurance a £50 postal order. It ends at end of this month. I got mine £50 postal order about 4 weeks after policy started in the post and took it to post office where they exchanged it for cash.

Added to which… The quote given me was £40 cheaper than anywhere else i could find… So a £90 saving. (£310 for fully comprehensive with a -25 yr old girl on the policy)

William asks…

Why is InsureTheBox So expensive?

Car insurance company InsureTheBox in the Uk

Why is it so expensive? It’s meant to be a way for young drivers to get cheaper insurance by assesing the individuals driving habbits and not going along to guidlines of that all young people are stupid irresponsible drivers.

My friend suggested it to me as it halfed his insurance (£4000 to £2000) and told me I should try do a quote.

Since I’ve been trying I’ve only ever been given stupid quotes for my 16 Year old Citroen AX such as £8550!!

And it’s not just me, I asked my partner to try do it and hers came up at £7780! What is wrong with this world!?

I’m 18 years old and cant afford to drive £100 worth car to save my £5000 motorcycle in the winter. It’s like they want me to crash and die…

Has anyone else had any experiences like this, regarding this company and its so called ‘low prices for your drivers‘?

Thanks in advance for all replies,

Administrator answers:

Quit getting “equotes” they are notorious for being inaccurate and unreliable. For honest quotes Call some honest to goodness companies who have a local office staffed by full time professionals.

Betty asks…

Will they ever be a super light super cheap and therefore super fast car?

I want a car like this one, (ariel atom) note the weight 456Kg!

0-60mph 2.9seconds! With only 220BHP 2liter engine

however it needs a smaller engine to lower insurance costs for younger drivers. How cool would that be for your first car!

I wanted to know if they is anything similar, because i hate hatchbacks their too heavy (about 1000Kgs)

This is not an add i just love this car!

Administrator answers:

Look up the T REX

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