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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance

May 27, 2012

Ruth asks…

best car insurance for a college student?

hey guys, I’m inheriting my mum’s 1992 Nissan pick up truck. I’m 20 years old, female and have never had a car accident. I checked out insurance from State Farm (my mum’s) and it’s 78$$ a month. that’s way too much for me (a financial aid college student). Anybody know of a good cheap car insurance?

Administrator answers:

$78 a month is a damn fine rate for a 20 year old.

There’s no shortcut, though – to find the cheapest rate for you, you have to shop around. Don’t bother with all the spam links you’ll get as a result of this question – they only want to harvest your personal information to sell it.

Michael asks…

Where can I get cheap car insurance when I’m an international student without US driving record before?

I am a 22 y.o. girl, international student in US. I’m planning to buy a car to go to college. I’m very interested in toyota celica 2000/2001.

I haven’t had US driving license before… so I will make it next month. However, I actually had 4 years driving experience in my country, but not able to get record from local police department, since they dont keep such files in my country.

I ask for quotes from several car insurance company. In average I receive quote at about US$ 300-400 per month. Do you think that it is too expensive? I think it’s very expensive.. What should I do about it?

Administrator answers:

I totally Agree with “Kh”

Sharon asks…

are there any cheap car insurance for students?

I passed my driving test last month and with the quotes I’ve been getting it looks as if I’ll never get a car. I’m a 20 year old male, I work and at uni. So far my cheapest quote has been 2,796 per year which I cant afford at all, and thats with my dad as second driver with 4 years no claims driving a 2001 fiat punto 1.2 to be kept in a garage. The sites I’ve tried so far are mainly compare the market, endsleigh and are there any other good sites and/or tips for cheaper insurance

Administrator answers:

No. When you’re under 25 or so, there’s no insurance company that offers significantly cheaper rates. That’s because you’re in the highest hazard class of driver – most likely to cause an accident.

Laura asks…

where can students get cheap car insurance from people who don’t automatically make you out to be boy racers?

Administrator answers:

Try this.1.Type all your details in to ins company, get a quote.2.Type self same details in again using different name (friend or whatever )the quote will change by 100s of pounds!How this is, i dont know.Try it!

Susan asks…

I need A cheap car insurance ?

I need a CHEAP car insurance !! I am a student and part time worker my brother is selling me his car but i just got my license yesterday so is there any cheap car insurance ? im not really looking for full coverage because its a 96 Honda accord. someone please let me know and i am 19 by the way if that matters ?

Administrator answers:

There is no such place or company. Simply do as we all have to do, call around and get quotes. It is the only way.

Chris asks…

Car insurance for 18 year old student?

Wht is the best possibly cheapest car insurance for an 18 year old student. I don’t care if it’s the lowest coverage.

Administrator answers:

If you’re still living at home, then get added on to your parent’s insurance policy. It’s still expensive but cheaper than buying your own.

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