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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance

July 18, 2012

Ruth asks…

cheapest car insurance for teen that doesn’t have good student discount..?

can’t afford state farm insurance without good student discount anyone no one i can afford without good student discount

Administrator answers:

Get the phone book out and call as many insurers as you can. There’s no other way.

Robert asks…

how do I get a cheap full coverage car insurance? Can I put my name in my dad’s car insurance?

I want to get a car insurance and I want a cheap and full coverage one. But I am a college student and not ready to pay 200 or 100 for a car insurance. My dad is 54 would it be cheaper if I used him or he puts my name with him? If something happened to my car will they cover it or not because he is not the owner of the car? Can someone please explain how this works :D

Administrator answers:

Yes. It would be somewhat cheaper if your dad adds you and your car to his insurance. That is assuming he has insurance with a “standard” or “preferred” company. I don’t think you are going to find it for less than $100, though.

Yes, if your car is listed on his insurance, the company will pay for damages. Generally companies are fairly lenient about parents and kids. If you car was in the name of a company, that’s different.

Mandy asks…

Cheap car insurance for me?

Right I’m 22 and at college doing painting and decorating and have A LOT of people wanting things done to there houses but they are too far away and I can’t carry a paste tae plus tools on a bus and hawl it everywhere with me all the time so I need to get my ass in gear and get a car. I’m going to be taking lessons in the near future but insurance is obv essential.

What would be my best option on cheap… Or cheaper option anyway for my current situation. Keeping in mind would only need a cheap small banger of a car and I’m a student. Any heads up would be great on where to go or best car for me


Administrator answers:

Cheapest car insurance GEICO. Best car for you is whos choice.

Jenny asks…

Cheapest car insurance company for my situation?

What company can provide me with the cheapest insurance?
I am
-19 years old
-a student who is taking a semester off
-broke as hell

My car is a white 1995 Geo Metro manual with a new lcutch and a bunch of brand new repairs on it.

Administrator answers:

There is no such company. The cheapest company will be the one you locate by calling around getting quotes.

Helen asks…

Cheap car insurance?

I have progressive now and I’m paying 85/mo. I tried esurance but they were WAY more expensive. I’ll be in school soon and wont be able to afford my current policy. I’m looking for something cheaper, possible with student discounts. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I can offer you cheaper insurance. You pay me $20/month then when you have a claim I will just deny it and pay you nothing. See how super cheap insurance works?

Keep Progressive. They are hard on repair shops but that’s not your problem if you don’t care where your car is repaired. Just use their network of preferred shops and you’ll be fine.

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