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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance

August 13, 2012

Mary asks…

Cheap UK car insurance UK – Student?

Hi , I’m 18 I’m looking for cheap car insurance

What company do you have ?
How much do you pay ? per annum/month

Co – op student insurance in cheap but they put a box in your car that monitors your speed, how you turn corners etc. which I think is a bit ridiculous and I really dont want to settle for that.


Administrator answers:

“Cheap” car insurance for you will start at around £4,000 a year, regardless of what car you own or who you get insured with

Mark asks…

Im 18 and i need car insurance cheap?

Ok im an 18 yr old student who needs cheap insurance – what is the cheapest and most legal way to do that because i don’t want to spend £3000+ on a car with a base value of £600

Administrator answers:

No such thing I am afraid !

Laura asks…

Is there any cheap insurance out there for students?

My name is Courtney and I’m looking to buy a car soon but I don’t have car insurance. My parents wont put me on theirs so I need something really cheap because I’m a student and I don’t have much money. Is there some place that offers coverage for low low prices?

Administrator answers:

Student = inexperienced young driver = high risk = high insurance

Donald asks…

what is the cheapest car insurance for women college students?

19 year old female.

1999 Toyota 4runner

Administrator answers:

How long is a piece of string :)

* make, model, trim, and year of car * optional equipment in the car (ABS, traction control, etc.) * theft deterrent equipment in car (alarm, Lojack, etc.) * other equipment in car (fire extinguisher, emergency kit, etc.) * location where it is stored * mileage driven per month * where you drive to and from * your age * your driving record * your gender * your profession / job * amount of coverage you are buying * type of coverage your are buying * and more Pretty much any insurance broker or agent should be able to help you, just search around till you fing someone that offers good value for money

Sandy asks…

can someone tell me what the cheapest car insurance is for college students?

Administrator answers:

No, because there are too many variables, such as gender, age, driving record, ZIP where parked, credit rating just to name a few.

To get the best rate for YOU, contact an independent agent who can search his data base for you and get you the best options. The side benefit is having someone to talk to when you need something instead of an 800 number or web page.

Daniel asks…

minimum wage, full time student, need car insurance…..?

i am a just starting college student and my mother and her husband want me to get my own car insurance but ii have no clue where the cheapest place is to go and i sorta need something cheaper b/c im a full time student with a minimum wage paying job. im use to paying only fifty dollars a month on their insurance and i would like to get something that costs no more than like, 200 , i guess a month… any ideas???? thank you so much!!!

Administrator answers:

Hard to say…we dont even know if you are required to get full coverage or not. I am with Geico and only pay 50 bucks a month for full coverage, but im in my 30s with a perfect record & married. I remember when i was young they really wanted alot of money. I actually almost bought a car but got out of it when i found out they wanted 300+ dollars per month for insurance.

Betty asks…

Cheap Auto Insurance for a student?

Hi I wanted to know if you guys have any suggestions for Cheap Auto Insurance in Phoenix Arizona or preferrably Mesa Arizona. I’m a student and I got pulled over yesterday and the cop told me I had to get insurance if I wanted to be driving around so I need to get insurance asap. And I’m looking for cheap insurance. No full coverage or anything like that since I don’t have much money. Maybe roughly around 30 dollars if possible. It’s not a really new car so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Adrianas, fred loya, freeway insurance

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