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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance Companies

May 31, 2012

Steven asks…

Affordable car insurance?

whats the cheapest more affordable car insurance company for a student in san diego, ca???

Administrator answers:

It varies. Depends on a lot of things. Call around.

Mary asks…

Need help in finding Best Cheap and Liable Insurance Company? Something helped you could help me! :) ?

I am a student and just got a car! If u have had any good experience with some insurance company that could halp me! Plz Feel free to ans! Thnx Need it by tomorrow

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you try online quotes. Don’t forget to aks for the eligible discounts. Some insurance companies offer a discount of up to 25% for students with a proven academic record; say a 3.0 GPA or an average of B. By shopping online you will have quotes from different companies and can compare them before makng decision. To know more about auto insurance discounts you can read this article..

Betty asks…

Looking to buy a Car ?

I am looking to buy a car … just as a runaround for when i pass my test
i want to know what should i do for insurance ? where should i go ?
and if you know what would be the best car for me then please tell me :)
i am a student so dont have a great deal of money :(

any cheap insurance companies or the car that might have the cheapest insurance


Administrator answers:

For the car I would look for a good used Chevy Malibu. Cheap to buy, excellent economy so it’s cheap to drive and cheap to insure. The looks won’t embarrass you driving into the parking lot either.

Check Progressive Ins. For the best rates.

Laura asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance for a 19yr old who just got her liscense?

I have a 2000 grand prix and all the insurances that I have found are wayy too expensive, like around 300$+ per month. I’m also a good student and since I just got my liscense I don’t have any accidents or tickets. So what company is the cheapest? And around how much?

Or how much do u pay and with what company.

Thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

Either go on your parents insurance or add one as a main/named driver on your policy.

William asks…

Buy a new or used car? college student?

I’m a college student and I would like to buy a car. I know nothing about cars because my parents don’t drive… I am convincing my mom to buy a used car (low mileage) cuz its cheaper and insurance will be cheaper as well. But she’s saying that used cars are not that reliable. and why do people sell their cars??? So, if I test drive a car at a dealership, do I need to get a temporary insurance? And, do I need to take the used car to a mechanic if i buy it from a dealer, i know you do if you buy it from a private party. What is the process of buying a car and how long does it take you to shop around? You go car shopping, get insurance, pay for the car, and then drive it home, right? Also, which insurance company is the cheapest in SF, CA. I’ve had my license for two years. I know its a lot of questions, but I don’t know much about cars. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

When you buy a new car, the minute you drive it off the lot, the value just dropped drastically. It is then considered a used car.
A used car is definitely the way to go.
The key to finding a reliable used car is-
1) Shop around and compare prices, find out how long it’s been on their lot. If it’s been there more than a month then it”s either overpriced or not a good vehicle, nobody else wants it.
2) Don’t buy a disposable car; alot of cheaper cars are considered not worth the money you will need to put into them later on.
3) Be sure to buy one with low mileage.
4) Definitely take the car to a trusted mechanic during the test drive!
5) Be sure to ask for the carfax report for that vehicle and READ IT.
NEVER offer them their asking price! They always allow plenty of negotiating room when setting the price.
Start with an offer of just over 1/2 of the asking price.
If you have the cash, it’s a good idea to buy from a private seller instead of a dealer.
Then you won’t be paying their overhead-the dealers rent, phone bill, PG&E, salesman’s salary, etc. And get a much better deal.
You do not need insurance yourself to test drive, the dealer has this covered.
The best insurance for you is Geico.
You are welcome to email me, I’m outside of S.F. And will be happy to give more advice.

David asks…

How does it feel knowing that your annual insurance premium is almost worth the total value of your car?

Im 21 years old with a clean driving record and a G license and I have to pay more than $200 per month (after all discounts and I live with my dad) in Canada. My car‘s residual value is not more than $3000.

Insurance companies rip us off even when we own a cheap car. Students have so much burden to save money for education and sometimes u cant manage without a car.

Why dont these federal/provincial insurance bureaus do something about these premiums? Are they getting some money from the insurance companies?

Administrator answers:

Insurance companies are regulated by the government but not much. If say you are a high risk driver ie. Had several DUI’s and say no insurance company wants to take you on, the government will appoint an insurance company to take you on, but the rate is going to be so high you won’t be able to afford it.

Now being a young driver like you are (less than 25 years old) your rates will be higher because you are considered a higher risk than a more experienced driver. Also what kind of car do you have? If it is considered a sport or sporty car the age of it really doesn’t matter much.

When I was your age not so long ago I had an old Chevy Truck and I bought it for 2,000 dollars and like you my insurance was not quite that much but about a grand every six months yeah I too paid more in a year than my truck was worth and it was only liability insurance to boot.

Lets face it you cant live with it but cant live without it or should i say legally drive.

It is a bit like my friend once said it is a bit like putting an accident on layaway at a store.

Insurance is the biggest rip off there is besides oil.

Sandra asks…

how can I lower my insurance on a 2000 zx3 ford focus?

Right now, with the good student discount and drivers training class discount, I’m playing $164 a month to drive around a stupid ford focus. I’m on my parents plan so we get the multiple car discount too. this seems rather high for insurance. what insurance companies might be cheaper? I have full coverage. how can I get lower insurance?

Administrator answers:

Depending on your age, you may not be able to do anything about it for now; if you’re under 18, you’re stuck with your parents’ policy until you turn 18 and can get your own. If you’re 18 or older, you can shop and get your own, but be aware that no company wants to be competitive on young drivers, so you likely won’t find anything better for a while.

Daniel asks…

cheap car insurances?

i’m a 21 year old college student driving a 2005 make car- i need a reasonable insurance company any suggestions.. any incentives for being a female and being on the deans list in college?

Administrator answers:

Most companies will offer you a student discount so you should save a couple hundred dollars there. Since insurance is dependant on the type of car, your driving history and your location, what is cheap for me, may not be cheap for you. The best thing to do is to get an online insurance quote at
This will compare all companies in your area and find you the lowest price!

Hope that helps

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