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July 3, 2012

Donald asks…

Car insurance direct debit has defaulted?

I have recently received an email saying that my car insurance has been cancelled because my direct debit has been defaulted. I have revised all direct debits to my insurance company over the past year through the period I am contracted to pay and I have paid every single penny. An email was sent at 12:34 asking me to call urgently to make payment (WHAT PAYMENT?!) and failure to do so by 17:30 (THE SAME DAY) and my insurance will be cancelled. To say this warning email was sent in the middle of day (baring in mind I was at work til 19:00) and then the insurance cancelled only a few hours later is very annoying and now I can’t drive my car. This is absolutely ridiculous and I beg for your help as I am young, male and first time driver therefore my insurance was £2393.97 which isn’t cheap for a student and with no experience I call for your help! Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

Check with your insurance company to see if they actually sent you an email concerning this payment. There could be a scam with someone just trying to get some information about your bank account number. Contact your bank also to see if there is a problem.

Helen asks…

What do you think about my car insurance? Please help?

I’m an international student in the U.S. I’ve just bought Honda accord car (year 1999) and a driving license. I need your experiences to find the cheapest insuarnce. I’ve got two quets until now. One is from Geico company which offered about 700$ per six months, and Sate Farm which offered about 600$ per six months. I still see these offers expensive. Please help me to find the cheapest insurance.

Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

If you have no past insurance history and are a new driver, those are not bad rates.

Lisa asks…

why is my insurance qoutes so high!?

hey all, I am a 17 year old male, live in cumbria. i realise this is a c rated insurance post code, i understand that. what i do not understand is why when i put in qoutes for the exact same car, exact same details all bar the name, my insurance skyrockets. i get qoutes of 3200 on a corsa 1.0 and the like (small, 1.2 or less cars) whereas friends, even 1 of which lives 5 doors away from me, get qoutes of about 2400. why is this? i understand the post code part, but the thing is all my friends being qouted live in the same area, in the same town, same estate in fact, our first four letters of our postcodes are the same, i thought this was what determined the post code factor.
im currently a student, ive put down i have held my license for 4 months, i am the registered owner and keeper of the car, i am the policy holder, even added a parent with 30+ years experience on (which by the way only saved me £100) and i got 3200. my friend on the same street got 2400. why is this?
also, can anyone recommend a cheap insurance company, as a young driver? eg. under 19 really, because i know car insurance has almost doubled in like 3 years. no wonder people are illegaly driving with this daylight robbery scam called insurance. thanks
yeah up to 40 per cent… try 40 quid. yes. pass plus saved me 40 pounds on the qoute. considering it costs 100 to take its useless right now. i might do it next year, but pass plus does not EVER save ANYONE 40%!
and believe me i know 3k for a 500 quid car is a lot but it pisses me off when my friends get 700 quid in savings, thats a car, and a few months worth of fuel!

Administrator answers:

Being a student is counting against getting a lower quote.

There is no cheap insurer for teen drivers
To get cheapest possible there is a tried and tested method on this independent money saving website

Constantly amazes me not just how many times this appears on here but also how many teens, even students, think that they have some sort of right to be able to afford to drive a car. They clearly have no idea of the ongoing costs of motoring as even if insurance was half the price it is most could still not afford all the other running costs. Even a simple thing going wrong on a car now or a major service will cost £500 plus.

As for uninsured drivers, yes there will always be some but the Police and the DVLA are clamping down on it big time, as it makes money for them to do so and loads get caught everyday. If a car is taxed and not insured now they know and issue fines and take action without having to even see the car.

You need to consider a 125cc motorcycle for now and forget driving a car for a few years to come – you are clearly still at school! Maybe when you have a regular permanent full time job eh?

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