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July 25, 2012

Sharon asks…

I need help picking the best “first car” (that’s cheap yet still safe and reliable)?

To make this as brief as possible: College student, student teaching next semester and need a car. Mom and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. Don’t want a loan.

With that out of the way, I need to find the cheapest car (that’s cheapest to insure) as possible. I wish I had more money to spend, but I don’t. I don’t want to sacrifice safety and reliability to save money, but I don’t want to go broke to get it either.

What are some factors that play into a car being cheap to insure (ie: 4 door, airbags)? What helps make insurance more affordable (ie: best years, specific makes or models (if you know any), colors, features, etc)?

Do you have any specific cars (or car companies) in mind?

If you live in the Philadelphia area, do you have any specific dealerships in mind that I should check out? (I don’t want to buy from a random individual on the street).

If I buy a car out of state (NJ, DE) is it difficult to get it insured, registered, etc in PA?

Do any of the following affect insurance cost?
-Number of seats
-Power locks, windows, etc
-Hatchback vs non-hatchback
-Stickshift/Manual vs Automatic
-Color of car (I’ve heard red is more expensive to insure, but I’ve also heard that isn’t true)
-Type of seats (cloth vs leather)
My mom has Nationwide and I will be going on her plan, if that matters.

When she called them, they said Hondas and Toyotas are more expensive to insure (I’m not sure why).

I looked at Hondas and Toyotas that were only 2 or 3 years old, and they were well over $8000, and I just don’t have that much money (and won’t have that much for a long time to come, teachers don’t make that much for the first come years).

I’m looking to spend less than $4000 if I can.

Administrator answers:

Police impound auctions is a good place. Where u live and the age is a factor of the insurance. Always take some one with you to help look a car over even if you know cars, sometimes you miss things. Better to take a person that is familiar to cars and repairs.

Honda’s and Toyota’s great cars and last a long time. More popular and because of it makes them a target to be stolen.

Honda Civic
Toyota Carola
Chevy Cobalt, Cavalier (2.2L is cheaper than 2.4L)
Dodge Neon

These is a few examples

What affects the Insurance?
# Doors

Size of motor (bigger is more and a tax break for environmentally friendly cars)

# of seats. Less is more.

Area of where you live

How many miles you drive (always tell them 5-10 miles)

Age and condition.

Security features

If it is garaged or not.

What features it has.

Safety factor on impacts.

How many ppl will be driving it (best to be only u and u can also watch the way it is treated and maintained.

Color only if it is a special color and payed more for having it. Red is not one.

Age and finally driving record.

Sandra asks…

Car Insurance, ammended details of profession lead to increased premium?

My car insurance company rang me two weeks ago asking to update my details. I was previously registered as a student and unemployed but changed this to working part time as an admin assistant. A week ago I received my new certificate of insurance but today they rang me to say that my premium had increased by £150! I find this difficult to understand how changing my profession from student to admin could whack up my premium by this much.

At the same time they offered me a new deal from another insurer , which they claimed would be cheaper, but I refused over the telephone as I felt too confused at the time. Now they told me that they will be sending me the bill to pay off the new increased premium.

Can anyone help me confirm whether insurance companies can do this? I am not driving my car any more than I previously had and I cannot see as how my new job increases the risk of me having an accident!!

Thanks for the response. Sadly you have confirmed what I thought in which there is little I can do to fight back. =(

My insurance company did say they would send the quote of the new policy so I could look at it when I received my bill but obviously I do not wish to lose the no claims bonus I am starting to acquire with my current policy as I currently have none. I had a quick look on insurance comparison websites and clearly by having that single one years no claim makes a lot of difference on my quotes.

Because they have already sent me my new certificate of insurance was that an error on their part? Or that just the way the go about things?


Administrator answers:

Clearly from what you say it was your broker that contacted you not the insurance company.
Yes as certain jobs are deemed higher risk than others they can charge more. You are now going to be commuting to work and leaving the car in a car park or on street for long periods so again there is an additional risk. Unfortunately you should have considered the offer of a different insurer as the broker was trying to help you there.
Usually distance selling rules apply so if the policy has not been going for 14 or more days it may not be too late to switch – talk to the broker. Staying with the old company is a take it or leave it situation and you have the choice as they are not breaking any rules.

Take care as lots of Americans seem to be answering with US answers that are useless most of the time – a lot are just spammers

Robert asks…

Someone hit my car without insurance, now I need to sue. How do I go about it?

Here’s the basic jist of the story. My car was parked in a parking lot behind where I work. A passerby saw someone’s un-manned car slip into neutral and roll into the back bumper of my car. Honestly, it looked like the guy just jumped out of the car and forgot to put it in park….the driver’s door was even wide open while it was rolling.

So luckily the witnesses stayed and confirmed what had happened to the police. After the officer gave me back my license, insurance, and registration, he cuffed the other driver. The other driver was arrested (for what I found out later was “unrelated charges”) and the vehicle was towed away.

I have been told by the police officer that the other driver DID NOT have insurance.

I have not talked to my insurance company since they don’t re-open until Monday, but I think it’s obvious that I will need to sue in order to collect any money for the damages to my vehicle.

My question is, how do I go about it? I know I need a lawyer somehow, but I am a college student and don’t have money laying around to pay a lawyer to go after damages.

Even if I got a lawyer and took it to court, what are the chances I would see anything from it? The guy looked shady and had a cheap, beat up, old SUV. I doubt he has any assets of value or money lying around. So if he has no money for the courts to take, would I even get the money if I win the case?
To Mushu: It’s obvious because I have no other option. I have liability-only insurance, the other driver had NO insurance.

Since MY insurance is liability-only, it only covers damage that I would have caused. I caused no damage, wasn’t even in the car. The other driver is the one who caused damage to my car and since he has no insurance, there is nothing insurance can do for me.
And it’s not “unecessary.” Yeah, the person didn’t cause me any injuries, but they damaged my CAR. Yeah, sure, I’m glad I didn’t get hurt, but this man is responsible for the damages to my car and by LAW should have had insurance on his vehicle and did not.

Administrator answers:

If the at fault driver is uninsured, you will need to use your own policy. If you have uninsured motorist property damage (not all states require this coverage so you might not have this), then you can have your vehicle repaired under this coverage less a small deductible. Once your insurance company pays you, they will turn around and begin collection proceedings against the other party to recover the money they paid to you and to recover your deductible (which they will return to you as soon as they recover the money). If the other party does not voluntarily enter into payment arrangements, your insurance company will sue them and also notify the state department of motor vehicles that they are uninsured. The dmv will probably suspend their license until they have made satisfactory payment arrangements and further require that they obtain an SR-22 or other type of financial responsibility filing for at least three years or until every last penny is paid back with interest.

If you do not have uninsured motorist property damage, then you will have to use your collision coverage (if you have this coverage). And then the insurance company will take the same steps that I outlined above to recover their money and your deductible — I can assure you they will recover their money unless the other party declares bankruptcy or is virtually on death’s door.

If you do not have either of these coverages, you will have no choice but to pay for your own repairs and then try suing the at fault driver to recover the money. Unfortunately recovering the money might take a long time since this person probably has limited funds. In this scenario though — more than likely you can use Small Claims Court where you represent yourself without the need for an attorney. In fact most attorneys will not take on this type of claim since it is too small. For Small Claims you would need to take the receipt for your repairs, a copy of the police report, any pictures and the name & contact information for the witness.

I hope this information helps. Good Luck

***Note — Even though you only have liability insurance — you still might have Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (it is a required coverage in most states) and if you do you can collect your damages through your own policy as I noted in the first paragraph above. Look to see if you have this coverage listed on your policy declarations or call the insurance company on Monday & ask them.

Donald asks…

what procedure do i need ?

yay! i upgraded from walking/ using city bus to buying my own baby-honda accord ’96-. i will get the car on wednesday so i was wondering what procedures do i need like registration/ best/cheapest insurance company for a poor college student in CT.. honest answers please and thanks for ur comment.

Administrator answers:

The registration & license question is best answered by calling

The Motor Vehicles Department in your state. If you give them

make, model VIN & Purchse Price info they will give you

procedural info and a very close estimate of fees;

When I shop for car Insurance, I go to You

provide pertinent information; they give you quotes from several

Incurance Companies.

Mandy asks…

Geiko car insurance?

I want to know from someone who has Geiko car insurance if they like it. I currently have Nationwide, and though I love them, I can get car insurance from Geiko for $40 cheaper a month. I am a college student and with only being able to work certain hours and the expense of college $40 is a lot of money to be. At the same time I want to make sure I get insurance from a company I can get in touch with if I have problems. Thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

I have Geiko and they are awesome.. You will love them! I am also a college student and I save 55 dollars a month with them! The first thing I did was make the infamous “GEIKO CALL” so I understand where you coming from

Jenny asks…

Exceptional First Car With Low Insurance?

I am straight ‘A’ student, and I have completed the Driver’s Education course at my highschool. My family does not really make that much money, but my parents would like to buy me a car at an exceptional rate. I am probably only going to live in Florida for another year, and then I am moving out to California. Depending on what type of car I decide to get, I don’t know if I will be taking it with me or not. My mom wants to buy me a brand new car, meaning a current 2008-09 model, but I keep explaining to her that it’s very hard to find a cheap new model (unless someone knows something I don’t?). I would just like some third party input on this decision. What is the best car company, and what car model would have the lowest insurance rate? I have tried researching Mazda, Acura, Nissan, and Honda, because I prefer these companies; however, I haven’t had any luck because I’m so new to shopping for a vehicle. I like hybrids, and it would help if I am able to get a car with great mileage as well. Of course, I’m sure many of you know this is because of our depleting economy, lol. Ok, I don’t mean to make this a book, I’m just trying to give as much information as I can so I can maybe get a clear answer. Thanks in advance =).

Administrator answers:

Shipping a car out to another state is way too much money, so buy a cheaper car now, sell it, and buy another one once your in CA.

A new car wouldn’t be the most economical, since new cars have higher insurance rates, and higher depriciation rates. Try looking into an 00-04.

If your looking for cheaper car insurance, stay away from two doors- especially the mustang, and the acura integra, since those seem to be popular amongst street racers. Also, color DOES make a difference. Buying a red, yellow, orange, or black car WILL jack up your rates (i didnt believe it either until i owned a black car).

If your in a bit of a higher budget for a used car, a newly used VW Jetta is a great car. Its luxurious, safe, and sporty, and i have never had one fail on me.

Other great cars are the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla/Echo, Nissan Sentra and the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

car crash because of my fault?

I am an international student.
I am 20 years old and I got my first car (used car) last week.

Today, I was in an accident actually.
That was all my fault, police said.

My citation says “Fail to yield turning left.”
I got crash against a car which driving straight.
There were 2 old people (married couple) in the car.
I did not have any passenger.
Fortunately, they and me were fine. I just got some scratch on my face, but thats it.
I have car insurance and my policy says I have Body injury($25,000 each person, $50,000 each accident) and property damage ($25,000 each accident) liability. Their car‘s front body were almost totaled, but my insurance company said usually, $25,000 is enough to repair, so I don’t need to worry about that. But, I didn’t have collision coverage because my car was actually so old and so cheap. Now, i am so scared to drive, so I will not drive for a while and will not buy a new car.

Also, I got a ticket for the failure to yield turning left. A police officer said I can pay fine online and that is ok.

That is my situation.

My questions are;

1, Now, my car is wrecker service, and it costs $15 a day.My car is also almost totaled at the front body. I need to pick my car up as soon as possible. I don’t decide what I do for my car. I mean, repairing for my future driving, sell at junk yard, or just throw it away. Even if which one I choose, I need to pick up my car. What is the best way for my case? I think if I repair my car, it will be total less because it was cheap. Someone said like if I just pick my car up and pull over in front of house, police will come. I do not know what I should do.

2, Even though my insurance company said probably my insurance will be able to cover the other driver’s car‘s damage, if the cost is pretty expensive and my insurance cannot cover that, do I have to pay the extra charges?

3, how much is fine for my failure to yield turning left?

I am an international student, so I do not know american insurance system.
Thank you.
i am in georgia.

Administrator answers:

1. I really don’t care that you are an “international student.” You are driving on American highways, and you need to know about American law as it concerns driving an automobile. Do you even have a driver’s license?

2. If the damage to the other person’s car was less than the value stated on your insurance policy, then your insurance will pay for the repairs to their car. If the damage costs more to repair, then you will be held responsible for paying the difference.

3. You DO NOT have insurance that will pay to fix the damage to your car. If you don’t have the cash that it will cost to fix your car, you might as well sign the title and give the car to the towing company because no one is going to help you pay for the repairs.

Steven asks…

Body shop didn’t do repairs as expected. Would calling insurance company cause trouble?

A few weeks ago two deer ran out in front of me at night and caused some hood, bumper, and fender panel damage. The frame was fine. The amount totaled to around $1900. Insurance wrote a check out which was around $1700. The body shop I chose waived the $200 deductible saying that they’d take care of it. I figured that was great seeing as how I’m a full-time college student and also unemployed (wish I could find a part time job somewhere though).

I got my car back on Wednesday and found a few things wrong with the repairs. Firstly, there is a very large gap between the hood and the fender panel on either side. I pointed it out to the shop and he agreed that it wasn’t right. The hood doesn’t appear to be the hood stated on the insurance parts listing receipt which was supposed to be a recycled OEM hood. It’s missing the OEM branding on the underside. Secondly, the fender panel that was replaced doesn’t appear to have been installed correctly; it bends in towards the headlight sharply. And thirdly, the wheel well liner isn’t aligned properly.

The shop said to bring her back Monday to get things adjusted. I have a feeling the adjustments won’t change anything, especially not with the hood since the hood is clearly an aftermarket hood made in Taiwan. Not surprised it doesn’t fit correctly. The guy also seemed pretty adamant that there was nothing he could do and also said “It’s not like it’s a Mercedes.” which pissed me off. My car doesn’t need to be a Mercedes to receive quality repairs. My car should look like she did when she rolled out of the factory. I think this is a reasonable expectation since the frame and the components that hold the panels, bumper cover, and hood on are fine. The damage was light.

Assuming the adjustments don’t work, would I or the shop get in trouble if I were to call the insurance company and tell them about this even though I accepted the waived deductible? I think the shop meant well, but things didn’t turn out well :/

My car means a lot to me. She’s very reliable, cheap and easy to maintain, and gets excellent gas mileage (28 city, 40 highway). There’s also a lot of sentimental value associated with her too. I just wanted what I thought was best for my car, but ended getting the exact opposite of that :(

What should I do?

Administrator answers:

You should notify and complain to the insurance company that paid for the repairs. Complaining to the body shop will probably do no good as you have already discovered.. The insurance company made the “contract” with the body shop. The insurance company paid the body shop. The insurance company is the contractor, not you.

Using other than OEM parts is standard though but shoddy workmanship is not.

Good Luck

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