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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance Deals

June 17, 2012

Richard asks…

Please Help me to find the cheapest insurance for my car?

I’ve baught a car two months ago, but I havn’t insured it yet because insurencse is so expenive. I’m trying to find the cheapest deal and I need your experince in that.
My car is Honda, accord, year 1999.
My age: 23
State: Virginia
City: Richmond.
I’m international student and I don’t have social security number I’m not sure if that would make a difference !
I’ve just got the driving license. I need reliability insurance if this would make a big discount. By the way, my GPA is very good.
If you can help me out with agencys phone numbers or any guess about the insurance
It will be greatly appreciated
Thank you in advance

Administrator answers:

Try these:…


These are all good companies and their rates are better than a lot of other companies.

Good Luck!

Susan asks…

How much is a good deal for an old car insurance?

It is my first time getting a car in the US… Actually, I’ll be getting it tomorrow, I know it’s a Toyota 1989, don’t know the specific model yet but I know it’s a cheap one… it has papers and registration… I mean, quite cheap and nothing very good looking. I’m 20 years old, single, international student at university… how much do you think will I have to be paying? (approximately)… and should I try getting it online? first time doing this so I’m kinda lost

Administrator answers:

It really depends on several rating factors not mentioned in your summary however, there are many companies available that offer free online quotes, and if you like the rate, can process your application online as well. Also, make sure you mention that you are a student to your insurance broker or agent as you may also qualify for a “good student” discount which will help lower your premium. If you are in California, you can go to for a free auto insurance quote and money saving insurance tips. Best of luck to you!

Daniel asks…

whos the cheapest u found car insurance thru?

ive checked all state geico progressive state farm aig 21 century liberty mutual and esurance. r there any out there that ive missed?
im a student and on a very strict budget so i need the best deal possible. thanks!

Administrator answers:

I haven’t got another name for you to check, but I thought I’d make the suggestion that you be sure to check into possible discounts.

If you get good grades, look into a good student discount. If you have taken a defensive driving course, you can get a discount for that. Are you trying to get your own policy or get added to your parents’ policy. It is cheaper to get added to your parents policy and then just pay them the difference in the premium increase. They can then also take advantage of the multiple vehicle discount.

Anyway, hope those tips will help you find a cheaper rate. If you can apply any of those to your situation, you can go back and see if you can get a better price than the ones you’ve already gotten from the same companies.

You can also check with someone like netquote, who will go through and check several companies for you all at once.

Best of luck.

Sharon asks…

Please Help!! How much do I have to pay? Car accident?

So I got into a car accident and I have no insurance b/c I am a poor college student….I did not tell the woman that I didn’t have insurance but that I’d rather handle it w/o going thru insurance (not really a lie). Reluctantly, she agreed.

However, her car is ancient and beatup 1986 Buick. The KBB is 900 in good condition for a 1989 Buick (hers is an ’86 and in pretty bad condition from what I could see)…However, she wants me to pay her 916 (including 213$ for a 4 day car rental).

Now I know thru other accidents that insurance pays you the cheapest deal for them (either repairs or value of car). When I told the woman I would give her 800 (thru begging family members & selling my soul), she was very upset and sent me a threatening letter saying she would file it with my insurance…etc.

I do not want things to get ugly or get into trouble but I don’t want to be taken advantage of either. Am I responsible for paying her the cost of repairs versus the value of the car? And am I respsible for her gettting a car rental for 4 days (the amt of time she says it will take to fix her car)???
To the jerk who said I need personal responsibility, try losing your f*ing parents your freshman year of college and still graduating on time with honors….wasn’t expecting to be completely on my own through college so I do the best I can when it comes to finances. Sometimes I have to prioritize. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Try getting an online insurance quote It’s free and generally hassle free. Http://

David asks…

What car models are good for me?

I am 18 and am attending college. I’m selling my two cars (one has no A/C and runs badly, the other is a luxury sedan and costs too much to maintain). I live in Phoenix, Arizona so i deal with constant high temperatures. My school is far from my home so I need a car that’s good on gas. Basically, I’m asking you what cars are; cheap to maintain and fix if something goes wrong, good on gas mileage, easy to keep running, can handle and perform well in high heat temperatures, and are affordable for a young college student fresh out of high school. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

- Honda’s are regularly stolen around here (I know Civic would be a good choice otherwise)
-Also, if you could suggest cars that are relatively cheap for insurance (teen driver)

Thank you

Administrator answers:

I recommend an older Honda Accord. I bought my last Accord for $1000 and it ran great and never broke down for six months I owned it. I like Accords because Consumer Reports rates them the most reliable model on earth. I have owned two and that has been my experience. Shop for one on and take your time. Eventually you will find a bargain as I did. Buy your insurance from Sentry Insure Co. And I think an Accord will be cheap. If you buy a 1993 Accord as I did I doubt it will be stolen. Too old. And of course Accords get great gas mileage.

Maria asks…

I’m 17 and looking for the best possible deal of auto insurance?

I am seventeen years old, have had my license for a few months, and a permit for a year before that. I have a good amount of driving experience in relation to how long I have been driving, and no accidents (yet, though I wouldn’t want to anticipate one). I am a college student with a 4.0 gpa at the current time, and my commute to school this fall will be about 40 miles there and 40 miles back twice a week. That’s most of the driving. I will own a car (think it’s a 1999 ford) and I live in the state of Nebraska. Can anybody tell what and where I can get the cheapest possible auto insurance? I know it’ll be pricey none the less, but I was hoping to get the best deal I can.

Thank You!

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately your peer group, the 16 to 25 year old drivers, has the most tickets and accidents. Insurance for you will be costly until you turn 25, or marry.

See if your telephone Yellow Pages has listings for “independent agents” in the insurance section. An “Independent agent” does not work for any particular insurance carrier so they can shop your particular situation to many different companies to find you the best coverage for the least amount of money.

Just curious. Why doesn’t your parents carry you as an authorized driver on their policy. You would probably qualify for a “good student” discount, and that would be the least expensive way for you to get insurance.

Donald asks…

How should I handle this parenting (to a Uni student son) situation?

Do you think that I should be paying for my son (age 19)’s gas in MY car that I let him use…(I pay for Registration (Lic. renewal), insurance and all). I will not charge him rent…because he’s a full time Uni. student, however..the deal was, that he works for me a couple “free” days per week (usually during the week), WITHOUT pay… return for the MONEY I SPEND on his gas etc…but he is letting me down far too much. I wanted him to work at least 3 or 4 hours on either or both of those days, per week (I have a lot of work around our large property (farm, etc.), and all he does is help with about 1 hour in total…and sometimes not even for both days. He’s OBSESSED with his online games, which I pay for….and I’m seriously considering cutting that off…as it’s not cheap. He plays this game with people all over the world…and is OBSESSED with it. I think he is spending too much time on this…and losing “focus” of what is really important. If I turn the internet off…he drives (with my 2nd car that I let him use) to his friends’ houses to play there. I told him I will take the car keys away from him if he lets me down for those two work days…..and did that once or twice and he DID do some work…but then he ALWAYS falls back into this “gotta go Ma” thing…and lets me down again and again. He hates “seemingly working for nothing”…even though I’ve explained that he’s working in RETURN for the money I give him for gas. All of this will end anyway…when he starts UNI…because he won’t be able to help me except for the weekends…and I can see it a mile away….that he will always have PLANS on the weekends…or do the MINIMUM he can for me….or say “I have homework”. Should I stop paying for his gas…because he’s letting me down? I think he can at the VERY least, pay for his own gas. I pay for his internet, food, rent (room & board), heat, hydro….and so on. Should I be easier on him….or tougher? I want him to have DRIVE in his life…and KNOW what the real world is like…and if he’s a student and takes full advantage of me financially, he will possibly become a PERMANENT STUDENT for years, while living under his parents’ roof. I am thrilled he’s going to Uni…and I want to be fair…but I don’t want him to be lazy and take advantage of me financially (I am paying for all of his Uni.) for the next few years. What do you think?

Administrator answers:

Go over the rules with him ONE MORE TIME and threaten to kick him out on his own if he doesn’t abide by the rules. He needs to know that you notice these things more and needs to know that there are consiquences for his actions.

And if he says that the rules are unfair and you are mistreating him, tell him that there’s a 17 year old girl in the South paying for her own car, gas, insurance, groceries, clothes, school, registration, and has to work two jobs while still attending high school to pay for it all or she’s gonna be kicked out of the house… You could be A LOT stricter on him… In fact, I WOULD be A LOT stricter on him… (Sorry if you think I’m too young to give you advice how to treat your child but I raised my little sister.)

Mark asks…

Cars … Used vs. New …. what are the benefits and what are the let downs?

I am going to be a new driver. I want a car good on gas, somewhat modernly stylish, and for an economical price like $5-$10,000

I want low insurance and I want it paid off. And it needs to last at least 5-6 years.

I have been looking at volkswagen beetles priced from $3-$6,000
2001 models.

I love the new 2009 Jettas, the lease is an ok deal but with insurance my overall payments will be like $700.

And I want to make payments as less as possible.

I want.

NO monthly’s (hence, paid off)
Good Mpg
Durable Car
5 star safety ( this is VERY important!)
I want cheap insurance too.

I just called Geicko, just asked them about how much a 2008 Honda Civic would cost strictly for automobile and they said $250 a month!

Full time student with other responsibilities.

Administrator answers:

When shopping for a car, the first thing I always do is check consumer reports. You have to pay to get this information on-line, but I used to be able to get it free at the library (published version). The reports will tell you the best & worst of both new & used cars. It will list all of the categories that you mention and then some. I have never bought a new car because you always lose a substantial amount of the value as soon as you drive it off the lot. By buying used, you can also check the car’s track record for repairs and recalls. The other problem with buying new is that some jerk is going to give you a door ding in the first week. It’s better that you buy it imperfect so that it isn’t so heart breaking when this happens. The other benefit of buying used is that you can buy from a private party and get a much better deal. Just have the car checked out by a mechanic for a nominal charge (after you check the consumer reports). I ended up buying a 2004 Hyundai Accent with about 35K miles for about $8,000. The used market for small cars has probably gone up since the gas price surge. The only vehicle I’ve ever bought new was my 2004 BMW R1150RS motorcycle. I got a good deal on it because it had 39 miles on it and they had to sell it as used. I still ended up paying more for it than my car, but I have my priorities. You’re also doing the smart thing by checking with the insurance company before you get your heart set on a particular car. Some insurance premiums are higher for certain models because they have a greater likelihood of being stolen. The other concern of the insurance company is the car’s safety history and of course, the driver’s number of years of experience (sorry, but as a new driver, your rates will be high).

The number of years that it lasts will depend on several things:
1. Selecting a model with a good track record (check consumer reports).
2. The number of miles that you drive in a year.
3. How well you take care of it. The most important thing that you can do is to have regular oil changes. Check the manual and be religious about having it changed.

With my methods, I’ve kept cars for typically over 120,000. The only car that died on me was a 1996 Geo Prizm that threw a rod and cracked the engine block. I also had a Mercury Tracer that I sold after 160,000. My daughter’s Honda del Sol is over 180,000 and she’s just now thinking of replacing it.

Good luck.

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