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August 8, 2012

Lizzie asks…

2006 750 GSXR Vs. 2007 GSXR 600 cc?

So I’m upgrading from my 2006 ninja 250..

I found what looks to be a good deal on a 2006 750 GSXR for $5200 (or what i brought the price down to)..The bike has only 306 miles and a little scratch on the side but i can replace the fairing for $200.

I have found a 2007 GSXR 600cc for about the same price, i can probably get it $200 or $300 cheaper…Price is shown as $ has 5,000 miles.

Is there a huge different i will experience if I don’t plan on doing any major racing…i just like riding..but i don’t want to get “bored” of a 600cc bike like people claim will happen…

So which bike would you would you say?

Also will insurance be a big difference? for a 19 year old college student, which no car insurance history

Administrator answers:

Anybody who tells you they’re “bored” of a 600 never learned how to ride it. I have a GSX-R1000 and I have been seriously schooled by better riders on smaller bikes. I’m a decent rider too. In lots of situations the 600 will be the faster machine. I would probably go with the 600. Something about a damaged bike with only 300 miles on it sounds fishy. Plus, it means it was sitting a lot of the time unused which is harder on bikes in some ways than being ridden a lot.

Jenny asks…

Do you think I have a right to be upset and make a big deal about this?

I usually am the one paying for everything. My boyfriend will not even pay for a 99 cent chicken sandwich from Wendy’s for me. But complains all the time that this relationship needs to be “equal” and that I need to start doing my part. Even though he literally has over 6 times as much money as I do, he refuses to pay for much, if anything at all.

Well here is the reason I am writing this: On his birthday last month, I took him to dinner and we went to a movie that I got free private screening tickets and I paid for popcorn and pop. For my birthday this past weekend, we went to a baseball game (something HE wanted to do), I had to pay $18 for lunch at home, I had to pay the $10 parking, he paid for a $5 kids meal for me (tiny drink, cheap hot dog, and expired apple slices), he took the seat while I had to stand at the table while eating, I had to pay for a water ($4) later, nachos ($5.50) that he wanted and mostly ate, and his beer ($7) that he wanted. I have brought it up to him in a sort of joking way, but he argues that he TRIED to go to the ATM back near our house, but the ATM at the bank was broken, for some reason. (Even though there were ATMs in the ballpark that he could have used, just paid a fee) And that he bought me a kids meal, so it wasn’t bad.

Do I have a right to be mad?

This seems to be a pattern of him always “forgetting” to go to the ATM and it’s always what he wants to do. And I’m wondering if him being 22 years old, if there is any time to change or he is always going to be like this. He complains he pays too much for school and has too much in student loans. One time he had to pay 50 cents for a semester, another he got BACK $50 or $100, because he gets so many scholarships and grants. This year, with the apartment, he will pay only a couple hundred the entire year, but he is still waiting to hear back on other grants, so may get money back. And his student loan debt is a little less than my new car payment loan. And he complains that he can’t pay for much because he need to buy a new car when he finishes school in a year.

My last boyfriend probably got over $5,000 from me from similar things and making me pay his car, insurance, cell and stuff. But I don’t know if this is as bad. But is this normal? And will it go on forever? Or has he reached that age where he will never change?
the_beav..: May I ask why I should be punished for something other women do? I have NEVER been spoiled or “taken care of” money wise, by a man. With all my relationships, I have been the one paying for EVERYTHING. My boyfriends never pay. I want a relationship that is 50/50. So why should I be punished for something I never even did? Why should I have to pay for HIS beer and nachos (when I’m not even over 21 yet, btw) on MY birthday when I paid for HIS food on HIS birthday?
You make no sense on that part.
I’ve always been independent and maybe that’s where I went wrong. Maybe I SHOULD expect guys to pay? Seeing as though my sister is a gold digger and she gets lots of lavish things and guy take her to nice hotels and such. I’m stuck at a crappy Super 8 that I am paying for on the vacation that HE wants to go on!

Administrator answers:

Not to be rude but ur bf sounds likes a selfish jackass u deserve alot better. I have afriend who was kinda like that too ( not as gross ) i got fed up and told him off. After 4 yrs we started hangin out again he has grown up. My advice is bail if ur bf wakes up and changes thats cool if not you have not lost much

Nancy asks…

I want to go to college – but i have no money.?

Okay, this is going to sound weird, but maybe, and hopefully there is any possible way to help me.
So i was an exchange student in Indiana until July 2010 and now im back in my homecountry germany. To pay for my exchange my mom took a credit and is going to be paying it off until like 2015. So what i want, is to move to america next year and go to college. But heres the deal, i cant afford it. I would have a place to live so thats cheaper but what am i supposed to do? Yes i have been looking some stuff up online, but that doesnt get me anywhere. I mean i could get a job so i could pay for insurance. And maybe it would be possible for me to get a car since i have the american drivers license. I mean i am sure that thats what i want. I love america and there is nothing i want more, but im seriously out of ideas. No matter what i look up it all involves money, and idk how to go around that, because i really dont have it. and i dont think it is fair that money has to control all of this, because im not less smart than any rich girl that can afford it. I mean what i would love to do is get a loan and start paying it off as soon as im out of college, or idk payx like 100 bucks a month or so. Is that possible? Indiana state university is where i wanna go, if that helps any? I beg for help. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know that much about coming in as an international student, but I have known people from other countries who study here and receive some kind of aid. I would check FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and also contact your university and get in touch with a financial adviser. I’m sure you could also investigate scholarships as well. Good luck!


Maria asks…

What would you do in my position?

I really don’t know what to do. My dad treats me like crap and I cannot stand it anymore. My family life has not been that easy but I have had a great life nonetheless. My mother left when I was 6 and I grew up with my dad and my half brother. My mom came around from time to time but quickly vanished. When my brother, a great student, applied for college my dad fought hard to get him every penny of financial aid from his biological parents (my dad adopted my halfbrother) and my dad happily paid the rest (i think it was $7000/year). I recently graduated and was accepted to an amazing college but I turned it down so my dad wouldn’t have to pay that much (it was $35,000/year). I ruined my chance for him. It was my dream school too.
My dad told me to attend a community college for 2 years and then I could go to the same school my brother did. I happily agreed. I do everything my dad asks. I have great grades and now it is coming time to transfer. My dad is flustered and says I may not be able to transfer because he cannot find the money. I already commute to college, have a full credit load (18 cred) work a full time job (for my dad), and pay my own car insurance and expenses.
My dad is very strict and so it’s difficult to stick up for myself. It’s always his way or the highway. He always punished me for really stupid stuff and I get blamed for everything. I am a great kid, I haven’t gotten into trouble, never had an accident, ticket or any other normal teenage violation. But somehow I always get the short end of the stick.
I have a wonderful boyfriend who attends the college I am transferring to, he supports me in everything and is telling me that I need to stick up for myself. My boyfriends family is extremely wealthy (my family is well off too we are far from poor) and pays for everything for him. I’m not jealous but it kind of sucks. He is asking to get an apartment with him and a few others which would help ease the financial end (apartment costs cheaper than room and board). I asked my dad and he freaked out saying we dont have the money when clearly we do. My dad makes over $130,000 a years. He always jokes about the people who complain about money but now he is doing the same thing. I know he isn’t hurting bc we just remodeled our house, he got a brand new luxury suv, and takes all these trips, goes to tons of concerts, does exciting things for himself.
Take for example this scenario. My dad gets a new blackberry every other month. He always wants the latest gadget. However I have a phone which is broken and up for renewal this month. Do I get a new phone? NO! He treats me like crap. Also, I live at home. Do all the cooking, cleaning and whatnot around the house. My dad will have nothing next year when I leave. Is that why he is holding onto me? Because I am like a slave? I love my dad I really do. He has done a lot for me but since my brother moved out when I was a junior in high school my dad has been like this.
My boyfriend keeps telling me to talk to my grandma who has helped me through a lot. She buys me everything I need and want and will do anything for me. But I don’t want to take advantage of her. My dad gets pissed when I get things from her but its his fault. This is a big deal and I don’t know what to do.
how the frick am i selfish? when my dad has taken away pretty much everything.

Administrator answers:

Number one, you are daddy’s little girl. It is harder for dads to let their little girls go than it is to let their boys go. Just hang in there and he will eventually realize that you are now a young woman. Just let him know that you will always love him no matter where you go in life.

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