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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance New Driver

June 12, 2012

Richard asks…

I want this, is it practical for a college student who doesn’t want to take on the expenses of rent and a car?

… at the same time. I already know that the motor scooter will be a lot cheaper in gas, insurance and the actual cost for a new vehicle. I would also get the trunk for books and groceries. I am also a much better driver on a motorbike than I am in an actual car.

I already have a license from when my brother got a bike.

Administrator answers:

Scooters are becoming popular with the college students in my town where weather permits riding nearly every day of the year. That’s something you should take into account as well as the amount of books and materials for your studies you need to carry.
The Elite is a great scooter with a proven history.

Steven asks…

Possible discounts on insurance for a teenage male?

So far, all that I have heard is:
The Driver school.
Being an Honors student.

BTW, I am Canadian so…

Also, any good suggestions on a car that is good for a new driver? Something cheap, has more than 2 seats, and is just an overall ‘okay’ car. (yes Car, not an SUV, truck, or minivan ;) )

Administrator answers:

There are not many other discounts (unless you get multi vehicle discount for having more than one car on the policy ie parents)

You might be surprised if you get a broker to compare different models of cars. Smaller SUVs are not that expensive and sometimes less than certain cars. There can be a big difference between different cars.

Make sure you shop around!

Sandy asks…

How Much Would I Have To Pay In Car Insurance A Month?

As sad as it sounds I’m in my early 20′s, and I don’t have a car or a license. This being mostly because I lived in the city, and public transit seemed to be a cheaper (especially since I got to use it for free being a college student). However, I’m facing the possibilities of having to move to a area with far less public transit. I have a family member willing to give me their old car (since they can’t drive anymore), an old ’97 Lincoln. I am in the process of getting my license now, but I was wondering how much insurance would be for me a month being a older new driver?

Administrator answers:

They will go by your accident history, which is zero, but you are young which increased the accident rate statistically speaking therefore you might be expected to pay anywhere from 60-100 a month on coverage but this may vary depending on what coverage options you choose you may go as low as 40 a month on that car with only liability insurance

Susan asks…

How likely am I to get a car loan?

I went to a dealership about a month ago and was approved for a loan on a 2007 Ford Fusion for 10,800 dollars. That sounds great, right? Well, I had 2500 dollars down. The payments were going to be 210 dollars a month, but the kicker was that full coverage insurance would be 260 dollars a month. Also, the loan was for five years. I am going to a community college for another year and don’t want to be paying on a loan for five years when the future is rather unpredictable. Well, I still want to get a “newcar but as a college student, I would like something cheaper. I am thinking around 5 or 6 thousand dollars. I would like it to have around 100,000 miles. If I walk in with 2500 dollars down, do you think I could get a loan for the remaining ammount? I work about 25 hours a week, have no bills, and live at home. I am very capable of making a car payment and would even double or triple the payment every month to pay it off faster. I just need a car now to get back and forth to school. My last car was hit by a hit and run driver and since I don’t have his or her name, insurance will not pay to repair it. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers: can get car loan at your terms.There are many online car loans companies available on web which works with all kind of credit situation.For that you just need to do some research & should collect all the car loan quotes then take a decision which is most suitable for you & your situation.It will really help you to get best car loan deal for you.
I have taken a car finance from really great auto finance provider at very low rate of interest.

Betty asks…

Am I an independent student?

I moved out of my house almost a year ago. I have been paying for everything since I moved out. I did not change my license to my new address, because the car insurance was cheaper where my mom lives.
Would I have to change my drivers license to show independence?

Administrator answers:

Why would you??

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