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August 1, 2012

Helen asks…

Insurance rates for 2004 Pontiac GTO?

I am almost 18 and looking for a new vehicle. Currently I am driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt
(5 speed) and am paying $200 a month! They messed it up so I need to call them back it should only be $120 a month. Anyhow, I am looking to upgrade. I have been looking at Srt-4′s which are quite high on insurance, Ion Redline’s aka Cobalt SS which is cheaper than the Srt-4, and have currently spotted a 2004 Pontiac GTO (6 speed) , sticker price $12,000 I will try to talk them down to 9 or 10k which might be pushing it even though the car is almost 8 years old. Anyway for the minimum amount for full coverage I only want to be paying no more than $250 a month. Do you think this can be achieved? I have the good student discount and have taken driver‘s ed. Thanks Guys

Administrator answers:

So you’re asking us…just common people on Yahoo Answers what YOUR insurance company will charge you? Stop and think about that for a second…you’re asking US what YOUR insurance company would charge you….think about it again. So why exactly are you asking us? Also, if they’re charging you $200/month who said they should only be charging you $120/month?

The point is NO ONE here can help you, you have to get quotes from agents or companies like every other person with some common sense does. Why wouldn’t you just get the answer directly from the source instead of “well so and so pays X amount a month so that’s what you should pay” type answers?

William asks…

would you elect me president of the united states?

1.Create thousands of jobs
2.Increase global trade but not depend on it
3.Tax all businesses including casinos
4.Make states may a small tax as a safety valve
5.Require that all states put a tax on their goods.
6.Invest in a plan to help poor people get into jobs to help make money
7.Tax businesses that do anything with the united states
8.Drop the tax on required goods like food
9.Make sales tax higher on alcohol and cigarettes

1.Make teachers go through training every two years to keep teachers up to date
2.Make sure that schools have the right technology like TV’s, smart boards and things of that nature
3.Make sure text books get updated every two years to make sure that kids are getting the right updated information
4.Make sure that students classrooms are under a certain number pertaining to the number of kids in a school
5.Require that all kids take a P.E class until they graduate from college

1.Require that people who committed a first and second degree murders have a minimum sentence of life in prison and a maximum sentence of death sentence
2.Make police go through a short training every 1 ½ to 2 years to make sure that they are well trained and up to date with things
3.[gangs] ages 12-17 a minimum sentence of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years in prisonages 18-21 a minimum sentence of 6 years to a maximum of 18 years in prison
Ages 21 and up a minimum of 9 years in prison to a maximum of life or death
4.Require that cities have more patrol over more of an area
5.Put cameras in places where police cannot see
6.Build more 911 call centers in more areas
7.Make sure that inmates are more to themselves rather than in huge groups which can cause more of a problem
8.Require that all inmates seek mental counseling

Energy and environment
1.Make every house in America put 2 or more trees in their front or backyard
2.Invest in a 5 billion dollar plan to find more renewable energy
3.Put a tax on companies that make a lot of pollutions

1.Give free health insurance to people who make a yearly salary of $27,000 a year and lower
2.Give cheaper health insurance to people who make between $28,000 and $29,000 a year
3.Give free health insurance to kids ages 0 months to 5 years old
4.Require that everyone has health insurance
5.Make people who do not have health insurance more money than normal as a penalty
6.Make sure that all kids have a check up before they start a new grade
7.Invest in a 10 billion dollar research plan to find a cure for cancer
8.Invest in a 10 billion dollar research plan to find a cure for aids/hiv

1.Build more telephone towers for wireless devices
2.Provide wifi throughout the united states
3.Build bullet trains that take you places at a faster speed


1.Let anyone come to the United States and work if they have a temporarily pass. This would increase more workers and allow people from anywhere like Mexico to come here and have a pass that would allow them to work until they decide they want to become citizens
2.Require that all immigrants learn English. But keep to their traditions but at the same time stay to our American tradition
3.Make all immigrants go through a background check
4.Allow immigrants to driver cars if they have been in the united states with a pass and a working job
5.Create a pass that allows immigrants to come here and be normal citizens but the pass would expire every year and will have to be renewed and pay a $100 dollar fee until they become citizens
6.If immigrants are caught being here illegally but has not caused trouble will pay a heavy fine of $2000 dollars.
7.If any illegal immigrant gets exported. They will now be allowed to come to the United States for 5 years. And they may not try to be a citizen for 7 years.


1.Allow people who retire there full funds that they deserve and not allow them to get cut back by the government
2.Allow people who have been retired to get a bonus if they have worked a minimum of 20 years in the same state job or government job.

Poor people

1.Invest in a fund that will build more centers that provide shelter and food for poor people
2.Allow poor people who have been on the street a chance to restart there life. By letting them attend a community college for free and give them a starting job
3.Make all poor people to restart there life or go to jail

please! help me! out! im doing this for an assignment. for me! lol
but any suggestions? or anything i missed out! i know i did..i just dont know what

Administrator answers:

would not vote for you.
Your goals are expensive and would never work
kind of like our next pres

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