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July 13, 2012

Sandra asks…

Paramedic training in Ontario wanting to move to Montreal?

I live in Sudbury, Ontario and have all my life, but I am really looking something bigger and better. I have to live here another 2 years since I will be going to school to be a paramedic in the fall but I will only be 19 when I graduate with no student loans. I want to take full advantage of having a decent paying career at such a young age and move to either Ottawa or Montreal. I feel like these cities are big and beautiful and lack the grimey feel and massive population that turns me off of Toronto. I consider myself to be a fairly fluent french speaker, and although english is my first language I have been speaking french since I was 4 and have been in french immersion my whole life. I actually considered accepting an offer of admission from a french college, but ultimately accepted at an english college.

I’m really starting to think Montreal would be the city for me but I want to know if can work as a paramedic in Montréal if I took my college in english. Does anyone know anything about this sort of thing? Do the paramedics in Montreal have to work solely in french? Would I need to take some sort of test to show that I could do the job in french? I believe my course is nationally accredited, which I think allows me to work anywhere in the country, but I’m hazy on the details. I know this is looking a bit into the future, I’m just really excited for things to come and need to figure what I can and can’t do.

Also, does anyone know how much paramedics make in Montreal? I read that there are no ACP or CCP (Advanced Care / Critical Care Paramedics) in Quebec. Knowing that these career advancements are non-existent in Quebec I hope that the salary for paramedics is sufficient for the lifestyle I want. I want to live with a friend while I’m young, maybe get a car since I’ve read insurance is a lot cheaper than in Ontario, though the metro would be fine, drinks now and then, occasional concerts and such and travel when I can.

Thanks so much for any answers.
I guess I was being a bit humble about how well I can speak french. I am fluent. I’m getting a bilingual certificate with honours from my school board. I can read, write and speak. Anyone I’ve ever spoken to from Quebec says I speak very good french. I’m only worried about some medical terminology, although I doubt it would be hard to learn because I took half my high school sciences in french.

Administrator answers:

I hope that there is a test for French. I would not like to be attended by a paramedic who did not speak my local language.

Carol asks…

Filing for bankruptcy in ONTARIO CANADA- my husband and me- what do I need to know?

The past 18 months has been horrible financially for our family. My husband went from having a $55000/yr job, to being laid off and barely bringing in $1400 a month. I was a student just finishing 3 years of university. So, I have student loans and other stupid debt (personal loans for a laptop, school supplies not covered my student aid, misc stuff, rent).
We have 2 kids- a 7 yr old and a 2 yr old.
In the past 18 months, we have lost our home due to foreclosure, lost our car due to reposession, lost our savings due to my husband loving to spend money on things (a boat, a trailer, a motor, a snowmobile, etc).
I have a lot of “little” debts on my credit report- unpaid utility bills, student loan default, old cell phone bills, defaulted personal loans, etc. My husband and I had seperated for a while, and while seperated, it came down to paying rent & food or the “little bills”. Now those little bills have reappeared to bite me in the ass.

My husband and I have been back together for about 6 months. We had to rent a house, and buy a cheap ($500) car to drive until we get back on our feet. Also, the trailer & boat got sold, as did the snowmobile. We used that $ to catch up on current bills, not to pay down debt.

In total, we have about $30000 of debt- that includes consumer debt, student loans, those “little” bills on our credit reports, and a personal loan (which we took out to try to stop the foreclosure on our house).

We have such awful credit. I am beyond stressed out, and have been handing out resumes like crazy, and searching for a job (not easy in a small small town!). My husband has a new job (one month) that pays $61000 a year (before taxes). He brings in about $2500 a month, I bring in about $340 a month.

Here is how our bills break down per month…

Rent- $1300
Utilities (heat hydro water) approx $300
Car insurance $100
Car gas $150
Groceries $350
Phone/Cable/Net $100
Pets $40
Diapers, wipes, toiletries $50
Debt Repayment $1100 (to make minimum payments)
Household (cleaners, repairs, etc) $40
Medications $100

Our loans are:

$11000 personal loan
$8400 student loan
and TONS of “little” bills that have sat on our credit for too long and need to be GONE- they total about $7000

And since they took our car, do we still need to pay them for the payments we missed while we had the car, and what happens to that loan, since it was reposessed?

We are seriously thinking about declaring bankruptcy to get all this sorted out. My thinking is- if we declare bankruptcy, then all of that is gone, and it will be easier to build our credit without having to play catch up, when our monthly cash crunch is dire as it is.

How does bankruptcy in ONTARIO CANADA work? We have no assets, but we desperatly want to clean up our credit and rebuild it so we can start fresh, and do things right this time… help!!

Administrator answers:

Go see a Credit Councillor ASAP.

I’ve never had to use one, but several people I know have had to…one a co-worker who was resolved to living out her bad debts. (Some her fault, some not.)

After she saw them and they put her on a scehdule, she actually started having funds left at the end of the month again…something she’d not had for quite some time.

Part of what the Councellors do is to teach you to deal with it, and they also negotiate on your behalf to obtain lower rates on your debts, and to help you by arranging a consolodation loan. Just make sure you avoid the ones that want cash up front.

If you declare bankruptcy…nothing is gone, and you have a black mark on your credit history for 7 years that means you’ll pay one hellova premium on any loans and credit.

Good Luck!

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