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June 8, 2012

Ruth asks…

Car insurance quote reduction?

My quote for this year was £1200 as I’m a 18 yr old, male student but I was just wondering how much cheaper it should be with a years no claims under my belt as I’m just a month away from it.

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you get a quote and change it so you have 1 years no claims?

Mark asks…

Cheap Auto Insurance in FL?

I’m 19 years old and I got my license in Sept of 06 (almost a year)
My insurance is REALLY HIGH! By myself I am looking at around 700 a month (my car is Fianced, 04 Mitsu lancer ES) so I am put under my 22 year old boyfriend insurance.

With his 02 Audi A6 and my car, we are paying 495 a month. (South Florida) (Esurance is who we have)

We have called Geico and Progressive adn State Farm and nothing is giving us a smaller quote. Does anyone know a good insurance company that is cheaper with students, new drivers, etc..?

We also do not live in the same household, and some insurance agencys will not cover us for nothing living together.
But anyways, just let me know if you know of a cheaper insurance agency. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I live in florida as well and you are getting away dirt cheap as far as I can see . You have cheap already My husband and I pay almost 1,000.00 a month for auto insurance alone . So you see you are doing good .

Mandy asks…

what is the cheapest/ most expensive profession to be in when claiming for car insurance?

had two quotes for car insurance, one as me as full time hairdresser with part time student and one the other way round,

when being a student full time my quote was £500 less than if i was a hairdresser.

i just think it’s crazy.

any one know why?

Administrator answers:

Traveling salesman.

Michael asks…

Explanation of getting a car insurance. PLEASE HELP?


i have recently bought a car (fiat punto 1999 16v sporting) and now looking for car insurance, everytime i try to get a quote i get crazy prices like 3k even when i put as secind driver.

I want to put my mum as first driver and my self as second when asked for a relationship to the the first driver what should it be when it says: spouce friend or other of course when you put spouce it comes out way cheap is that right or it should be marked as other???????????

and does anyone know nice cheap car insurances esspecially for students?

Administrator answers:

You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price. I am paying less than ½ after I did.

Go to:

Take care,

Lisa asks…

Need help getting affordable auto Insurance?

I’m 20 years old in Brooklyn NY I am a college student I live alone I don’t speak to my father and my Mother is not here, I really need a car for work (i started my own business) and for my life in general
The cheapest insurance quote I received was for $10350 a year, for the state minimal coverage
I am looking something in the range of what normal people pay 1k-3k at best

Please if anyone knows any schemes, tricks, deals, anything let me know

And please non of thatpublic transit or that you shouldn’t try to trick the system non of that.

Administrator answers:

Simply phone for many, many quotes. There are no tricks, or magic answers. A 20 year pld male living in NYC will pay to the nose for auto. Insurance.

“Walking ain’t crowded”

David asks…

cheap car insurance for 29 year old with no NCD?

my son is a 29 year old mature student. he passed his test in 2006, and is trying to insure his first car (2001 fiesta). he has no NCD, as up until now, he has been a named driver on his Dad’s motability car, and apparently this doesn’t count towards NCD. he’s had quotes of £950-£1250 for fully comp. Does anyone know of anywhere he could try for a better deal please? He would have to pay in monthly instalments, as he couldn’t afford a lump sum. Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

Those prices sound quite cheap to me.

I am 24 and have 5 years no claims bonus. I pay about £1100 a year for a 1.8 volvo

Search all the comparison sites and see what comes up.

Chris asks…

Who provides reasonable car insurance for a young man?

My 20-year-old stepson is seeking his first car. He’s newly licensed and thus has (obviously) not had car insurance before. He also has not had a loan so he has ‘new’ credit. The insurance quotes we have gotten for him are outrageous! Allstate offered him…get this… $1300 a month for ANY car we could think of! He’s a full-time student with good grades, and we’re talking cheap used cars here. Progressive offered a better rate ($400/month for full coverage, $250/month for basic) but they don’t want to let him pay by the month, meaning he’s gotta fork out 2 grand for six months of coverage…which puts a bit of a crimp on the whole car shopping thing.

Is there any insurance company out there that is a little more reasonable? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I am sure he can get insured for about $100 for basic if he does some searching.
Most kids will try one or two quotes and then go for the cheapest of the two.
The way it should be done is to spend two days on the phone and only then you can start shortlisting insurers.

Sandra asks…

Car insurance is a conspiracy!?

I passed my test less than a month ago, and it just so happened that a distant family member was trying to get rid of a car and I managed to get it on the cheap. I got a quote for it, it is a Ford Fiesta 1999 (T-reg), and got a cheapest quote at £5500! My friends who live near me, have similar circumstances, don’t pay even half as much as that so what the hell is going on? I mean yes I am a risk as a new driver, I don’t have much experience all the rest but how the hell does anyone expect a student to pay that? I mean it is just maddness. Anyone have any ideas why it is this high, I mean come on!

Administrator answers:

Nobody expects you to pay it. You have no right to have a car it is a privilege.
Other than that there must be something different about your circumstances compared to your mates.
There are many factors which are used by the insurer to calculate the risk and so the premium they charge for car insurance – these are mainly;
1 Age and sex of the policyholder (who must be the Main driver, and registered keeper) and that of any additional drivers.
2. The cars age, mileage, value, insurance group, security and the companies own claims history for that vehicle
3. The occupation of the policyholder and any named drivers
4. The claims history of any drivers
5. The licence details of drivers (endorsements, length of time held)
6. Where the car is normally kept overnight (is it the policyholders address? On road is more expensive than on a drive which is more expensive than in a locked garage.
7. What use will the car be insured for, social and domestic is the minimum but if commuting and use for the policyholders business or their employers business is added the price increases. If used to commute where is the car to be parked when there – on road or in a car park.
8. Does the car have any modifications from the standard factory fresh condition like alloy wheels or performance enhancements – some insurers will refuse to cover modified cars, some will increase the price and some will cover them but only for return to standard.
You need to tell the full truth about everything asked and inform them of any changes to any of the details disclosed as the policy goes on – failing to do that can render it null and void.

Some younger drivers consider putting the car and insurance in a parents name with the parent as a fraudulent main driver and them as an occasional named driver to cut the premiums. This common scam is called “Fronting” and is an illegal act which can get parent and son/daughter into a lot of long lasting expensive troubles.

Most insurers offer a monthly payment scheme and most need about 15% up front to start the cover. The scheme is usually in the form of a loan and so interest is charged – this can be as much as 25% APR. This is usually at rate which is higher than most credit cards even charge so look at other ways to borrow the money to spread the cost if possible as it will be cheaper.

With a few minor differences these are the questions you will be asked before being given a quote.

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