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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance Quote

July 28, 2012

Steven asks…

Can my insurance company find out?

I’m currently a student with 1 years no claims discount on my Car Insurance. I’ve just finished University. I’ve renewed my quote and it states that I’m a student still, however I plan on working full time for this year. I decided to keep my occupation as a student, as it’s significantly cheaper than if i tell them i work full time. Will my insurance company be able to find out if i’m still a student or not?
i’m not asking if it’s right or wrong, i’m asking how would they find out? i don’t see how they could find out if i i was a student or not.

Administrator answers:

They do have the means to find out. They may find out, they may not find out. If they do find out, they may cancel you and it will be difficult and very expensive to get insurance again.

Paul asks…

How to get a cheaper auto insurance quote?

So i’m 18 years old. I have had the good student discount with State Farm. I also dont have any points on my license and have had 0 accidents. I currently have a small pickup but I am about to get a 03 Ford Mustang GT. I was told my monthly cost would be $260! That’s a car payment. I heard that my mother could put the insurance in her name for that car, if so would it be cheaper? And are there any other ways I can go so that State Farm doesnt rob me?

Administrator answers:

Simple. Call as many insurance companies as you can and get quotes — or do it online. However, insurance for an 18 year old male on a Mustang GT is going to be EXPENSIVE from any company. Why? Because the car is wrecked and causes injuries by young male drivers more often than other cars.

Maria asks…

Insurance for a 350z on Parents plan?

Hey there

so when i turn 18, im buying a 2003 nissan 350z with my own money. Right now im 17 and have been driving an old civic for almost the past 2 years and have never gotten in an accident or ticket (not that that lowers the insurance at all) and have the good student discount. so i followed the rule of thumb to buying a car thats okay to beat up when you first start driving.

anyways, ive been looking for a lot of answers to my question, but all of the people asking it seem to be paying for theyre own insurance. Im on my parents plan, and when i buy the car its going to be put under my dads name (he is 52 and is a teacher btw if that matters). Both my parents are extremely responsible drivers, so im assuming their insurance rate wont be as high as if the car was in my name. the one issue with this car is how much insurance is going to be exactly.

I looked for a quote on progressive, and im almost positive it cant be right. when i typed in the insurance cost for my 2003 civic with me paying it myself, it was only like $10 cheaper per month than a 350z, which like i said seems somewhat off.

anyways, does anyone that went through buying a sports car when they were 18 with kinda the same thing have any answers for me? or even if you just know insurance well i just want to know. My parents would be okay with insurance going up some, but not astronomically high (like people were saying a couple thousand a year). ive asked them if they can talk to our agent (we are insured with PEMCO), but they keep saying theyll do it later.

anyways, sorry for the long question. but any answers would help!


Administrator answers:

So, anyways, the only way you or Dad can ever know what insurance will cost is to ask an insurance company. So it is a total waste of time to ask anybody else… anyways.

Mandy asks…

How much would it cost to repair a slightly dented rear bumper?

i accidently rear-ended someone the other day. my car wasnt damaged but the other vehicle’s bumper got slightly dented. There were no hard feelings but i said i would pay for it. I wanted to pay for the work because I didnt want my insurance to pay because my dad covers my insurance and I didnt want my rates to go up. The other driver said he would try and find the cheapest quote because I’m a student but I would like to know how much the work will cost.

The van i hit was kinda old and the dent was small enough that we both didnt notice it until we looked much closer. Ballpark, how much would (or could) it cost?

Administrator answers:

I would say under $100.

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