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August 11, 2012

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know?

where i can find cheap & affordable car insurance? I know it will depend on alot of stuff like my age, 18, what kind of car i have, 05 Civic Sedan. But all in all, i would like to know where everybody else shopped for their insurance? I’m a college student, so i can’t afford much? Help please? If there’s a place where my monthly payments can be less than $100, that would be great. I’ve already gone online & gotten quotes from various companies like GEICO & Esurance & what not, & my quotes are so high. Or if u don’t know any good affordable companies, is there someone i can talk to who could recommend a company?

Administrator answers:

Insurance does depend on many individual factors as well as location. I got a rough quote for you with the information listed and was able to find coverage for $211 per month. That is with a student discount as well as you taking driver’s training.

The best way for you to find the lowest price is to go to this will compare all companies in your area and find you the lowest prices!

Hope that helps

Jenny asks…

Stay on Geico with parent or go on my own?

Hi, I’ve been covered on my moms insurance with geico on her car for a year. I’m getting a new car and I’m wondering if it’d be cheaper to get my own or stay with her? Right now its 80 for me.
Im getting a 2006 mazda6i. I’ll need full coverage since it’s on a loan, but I’ve never been in any accidents or anything, Im female, 18, im a full time college student with a 3.8 GPA….any suggestions?

P.S. I did an online quote with geico by myself and it said 500 something a month….so is it safe to assume thats how much it’ll be on my moms policy?

Administrator answers:

As already stated it will be cheaper for you, and your car, to be added to your mothers policy. A multi-car discount would apply, and possibly a “Good Student” discount also.

However ask your mother to price insurance through an “Independent Agent”. Independent agents do not owe allegiance to any specific company like your Geico agent does. An Independentant Agent can take your specific situation and shop around to many companies to find the best coverage at the lowest rates. She will probably find that she can get much better rates that she is getting from Geico, and it dosen’t cost anything to get a quote.. You can find them in the Yellow Pages.

Michael asks…

Mazdaspeed 3or subaru wrx sti?…?

I know this question has been asked several times before but, I wanted more input considering my situation
I know the MS3 (grand touring)is cheaper, pretty fast, and maybe better looking than the STI, but certainly the STI will perform better, and personally i like the STI looks better as well (the 09 has badass interior)…
my dilema is the money… obviously being a student its hard to afford an STI but one thing I do know is that if I got the MS3 I would add about 3000 on in right off the bat cause i think the rims it comes with are absolutely horrible, plus I would get cold air intake and other stuff.
If u consider I wouldnt put anything else into the STI, the price difference comes from almost 10,000 (both stock), to about 6 or 7000.
so basically Im wondering… is the AWD, better handing, better interior and much more power worth it?…. True, I am not a racer, but I certainly give a lot of importance to the AWD since I wanna be able to do lots of outdoors stuff, and drive in the snowy roads during winters.

I also looked into insurance policies and I was surprised to see that several quotes came out the same for both cars, so theres not really a loss there (if any, its more convenient to get the STI)….

I really lean towards the STI, but the only thing keeping me interested in the MS3 is the value.
some have suggested to get the 09 wrx instead of the sti, since its AWD and have 265 hp, but the car is just horrible … the STI and wrx might look similar on the screen, but when u see them in person they look very different.

… what do u guys think? is it worth it?

Administrator answers:

Personally I would get the STI just for the aftermarket support. With just a couple hundred dollars extra you can get a boost controller and have a huge increase in power and the AWD would be much better in all weather.

Charles asks…

How much would it cost to repair a slightly dented rear bumper?

i accidently rear-ended someone the other day. my car wasnt damaged but the other vehicle’s bumper got slightly dented. There were no hard feelings but i said i would pay for it. I wanted to pay for the work because I didnt want my insurance to pay because my dad covers my insurance and I didnt want my rates to go up. The other driver said he would try and find the cheapest quote because I’m a student but I would like to know how much the work will cost.

The van i hit was kinda old and the dent was small enough that we both didnt notice it until we looked much closer. Ballpark, how much would (or could) it cost?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the vehicle and the extent of the damage, but collision repairs are expensive. I’d say a few hundred for a minor issue like that…

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