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May 20, 2012

Steven asks…

Car Insurance – why does the quote price change depending on occupation?

if i put i’m a student the quote is the cheapest if i put unemployed the quote is the most expensive anything in between is cheaper than the unemployed quote why is this

Administrator answers:

Regardless of who you decide to use, amounts will vary depending on what kind of coverage will you have. Just Liability?Collision?Theft?Vandalism? It all depends on your driving records, the state you live in and how long you are willing to search around…

Simply get off the net, pick up a phone and start dialing! It isn’t as if it costs anything.

Helen asks…

Student car insurance help. Anybody else in this situation?

I have recently passed my test and am picking up a car I have bought in two weeks’ time. The car is only a little 1.0L Vauxhall Corsa 2002, paid £2000 for it. I’ve been looking on insurance websites – namely Compare The Market, and the cheapest quote I’ve found is £2436 (£250 excess)! I am wondering if anyone can recommend an insurance company which will allow me to hold my own policy (not a named driver) for £2000 or less.

Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Drop theft coverage and phone the whole book, you’ll find something usually at the end of the phoning session!

== Heart Of Saturday Night ==

Susan asks…

Where can I get a better car insurance quote please help (urgent)?

I was a student last year and my premiums came in at £76 a month after paying £300 deposit. This year the quote was for £88 pound a month UNTIL they found out I was no longer a student and was working… they put up the price by £1000.

I have a spotless driving record (not even a parking ticket!). But I have only had my license 2 years, I didnt drive for the first year so I only have 1 years no claim. I now have 12 days to find an amazing quote OR sell my car and I jus dont know what to do.

themes city
insurance factory

My car is only a tiny engine its quite old but I have jus payed out £130 for its MOT im a bit gutted. I heard the insurance has gone up everywhere.

Have any of you young ones found a cheap insurer?!

Administrator answers:

Zurich have a specific section for young drivers. See

Sandra asks…

Where can I find the cheapest insurance rates for a student with a 2000/2001 Toyota Celica?

My car is not paid off yet, but I can only find places that quote me almost 250 dollars a month! I cannot afford this! Thank You!!

Administrator answers:

Well, unfortunately a younger person driving a Celica makes for a high risk from an insurance companies standpoint. My recommendation would just be to shop around and find out what everyone is charging. Make sure to talk to an independent insurance agent to get quotes from multiple companies.

Good luck to you!

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