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July 8, 2012

Susan asks…

Best/Cheapest car for 18 year old? (uk)?

hi i am a male 18 year old, university student

I passed my test in August 2009. Im looking to get insured on june 1st 2010

Im looking to buy a car which would give me the cheapest insurance possible.

Budget for car = £700
budget for insurance = max £1500 a year

this is excluding mot and tax ….those can be paid for easily

Administrator answers:

Hi! This is very nice to here that you have passed your diving test and that means you are ready to drive a car. There is cheapest cars insurance where you have the policy/scheme for young drivers or teenagers. This temporary car insurance will really help you get the best and cheapest car insurance with benefits too. Http://

Linda asks…

I have just passed my test which car shall i buy ?

I am looking for a car which is big enough to have the two children’s car seats in the back and one that is fairly cheap as i am a student! Also one that is quite low on insurance. I know it a alot to ask !! lol

Also where is the best place to look for a car in the uk a dealership or private etc any reccommendations?

Administrator answers:

Try a Skoda Fabia 1.2 or 1.4, its got 5 doors (including the boot), should be fairly reliable, safe and spacious enough for 2 kids.

For a bit more money the Honda Jazz is also good and very reliable (Honda are rated 1st for reliability).

A Ford Fusion may also be good (basically a Fiesta but a bit bigger).

Try a Vauxhall Meriva too, about the size of an Astra but based on the Corsa so should be cheaper to buy and insure.

The Kia Rio is surpirisingly good and also cheap to insure for a car of its size.

Basically the bigger the car, the bigger the engine and more the insurance. You won’t be able to afford to insure anything bigger than a Ford Focus.

Ignore the comments on here from Americans who don’t realise you’re British and are answering giving you a good car in the US, they dont realise you cant insure cars bigger than a Focus cheaply if you’re a student and fairly young (im assuming you are). Also the cars they mention probably aren’t available here eg Kia Spectra, VW Jetta (it’s a Golf basically). Remember a small car to someone in the US isn’t that small here!

Cars like a Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa will probably be too small if you have things like a double buggy for the kids.

Have a look on, type in your postcode and have a look in your area for some of the ones you get recommended. is also an excellent website. They both have all the cars insurance groups on there (what determines the insurance cost).

Generally dont go for anything bigger than a 1.4 to keep the insurance down. You may be able to find slightly bigger cars than the ones i’ve mentioned with a 1.4 such as a Ford Focus, Seat Leon, Peugeot 307.

I didn’t know your budget so i’ve been mentioning things for around £2000-£4000ish.

Hope that helps!

Sharon asks…

My answer to a question was reported?

I answered a question.
It asked:

Where can i get cheap car insurance for a first time driver?
I am 17 and want to get a insurance for a Peugoet 205 1.8 turbo deisil and need the cheapest car insurance because im a student please help!!!

So I answered:

As above, you will definitely not get cheap insurance on any car, especially if you are a man. I wouldn’t expect to see much change from £1000 on any car. That said, there are a few sites you might want to try i.e. They specialise in student car insurance & provide student discounts too. You may also want to try googling it like I have: The above link provides loads of sites for you to try!”

Does that constitute a violation as I was only answering a question I provided links as an example, I have used the insurance company when I was a student & the only other link I provided was to a google search that I had done.

So, should my answer have been deleted?
Your opinions please.
With reference to badhabyt thanx for the advice (I gave a thumbs up for it too :-) ), I did actually provide the google link though, I deleted the HTTP:// parts of the link for the purposes of the question though which is why the links don’t work now.

Also Thanks to everyone for their advice & answers so far.
That as above bit is definitely going to be taken on board too!

Administrator answers:

I would appeal this one. There are a couple of things to watch out for. First, never refer to other answerers. In voting stage with the questions scrambled or if an answer is removed, “As above” has no meaning.

Second, when you are going to give the google search link, don’t say you are. Just saying “do a goo==gle search” with no link is a violation, so some people may not read what you actually have. In fact. Hide the google search link in the sources with the first 5 links from the google search. Just say “for more info, see the references”.

This violation should be overturned, but those are a couple of things you should avoid in the future.

Robert asks…

I wanna ask about international driving ?

Im a international student in uk and I have a good driving history in back hOme.can u tell me plz can I drive a car on international driving permit I’m from Pakistan. And also Plz let me know about cheap insurance for us.?thankx

Administrator answers:

You get the International permit, which translates your valid license into several languages to make it easier for those where you are to understand your status, before you leave your home country, and you carry it with your license.

As a tourist your valid license from Pakistan will allow you to drive.

Michael asks…

Average living costs for a UK 18 year old on the following things?

Ok, I’m planning to move out at the age of 18 and go to uni hopefully, or if all else fails get a job… I know some of these are going to be weird questions but and they will obviously vary but im looking at roughly the living costs im going to have to raise in order to do it. Does anyone have any ideas on average costs for an 18 year old (living frugally with maybe a few treats thrown in) for these things:

1) Food per week
2) Clothing per year
3) ultility bills per month
4) Rent <– obviously this one is going to vary, but just a general idea on a small one bedroom student flat
5) Tax in general/per month
6) Study materials (i.e stationary, books, text books etc – i’m hoping to study english lit) per month
7) TV liscence 8) Phone/internet services
9) Insurance – i’m 16 so i haven’t learnt tro drive yet and am unsure of whether im getting a car so i dont know about car insurance (small cheap city car if so!) but like any cover insurance etc
10) OPTIONAL EXTRA – possibly a small ish dog, pet insurance?

Obviously i’d like these to be as cheap as possible, i am going to try and live on whatever i can :) I know it’s highly unlikely i;m going to get helpful answers for all of these, but any info on those, or any in general, or websites to help or perhaps your own financial experiences from student lives would be an immense help!

Many thank yous in advance :) I’m figuring the earlier i start budgeting, the better

Administrator answers:

Hey im an 18 yr old student so I can answer all of these!

1) I spend about £15 on food (in my first week i spent £40 but now im better at budgeting) and about £20 on alcohol… The student party life is wiked :-)
2) I prob spend about £20 on clothes a month… But it varies.
3) I dont pay utility bills its included in my rent.
4) I live in a six bed shared house and pay £60 a week… This is quite cheap so you should expect about £80, but it depends on the area you live in. For a one bed student flat you should expect about £150, its much cheaper to stay with other people and in your first yr you would want to live in the student halls so you meet new people.
5) As a student you dont pay tax.
6) Ive heard youve had to buy a lot of books for eng lit (expect over £300 for the year)
7) My TV liscence is included in my rent… Otherwise i think its about £150 for a colour TV a year. 8) My internet is included in my rent… I have a contract phone and pay about £15 a month.
9) Most students dont have a car at uni because they are too expensive to run. You would probably expect to pay about £800 for insurance, and about £100 tax and if anything goes wrong to your car you’ll have to pay for that… In my opinion its not worth it.
10) Most student house dont allow pets. Its probably not worth the hassel… You’d have to think about what to do with the pet when you go home for xmas etc.

Also when you are a student you get a loan and depending on your parents income maybe a grant. This amount covers your tuition fees (about £3000) and gives you a good amount to live on. Of course you have to pay it back but the goverment take a small amount out every month of your pay packet you dont even notice it! I didnt know much about it when i was 16 but your college/sixth form will soon give you lots of information.

Take a look at this website… Its how you apply for student finance, which you would do just before uni.


p.s obviously any money you can save up would help and you could spend more on clothes etc.

Paul asks…

I want to buy designer clothing cheap for myself or in bulk?

Hi, im a student currently in his last year of college. I run a car myself and have always worked to get what i need and want. I love to be entrepreneurial and decided to make a bit of extra cash to help go to car insurance id buy designer clothes in stock and sell them on to my friends. Recently i did this from but found that this is very limited. Im interested in all kinds of mens and women’s designer brands any help would be very much appreciated :D

Administrator answers:

Can I ask – were the polo polo things genuine? I was thinking of buying a lacoste or two from there..

Please let me know!! I don;t know anyone else who has bought from there

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