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Your Questions About Cheap Student Car Insurance Uk

April 19, 2012

Susan asks…

Does anyone know a cheap car insurance company?

Im About to Turn 17 and am Male,, I need to know if anyone knows of a cheap car insurance company, I have a 2002 Citroen Saxo VTR, I live in Dudley,UK
Preferably i would like to pay less than £3000 (i am only a student)
Preferably i would like to go in my name but i do also have the option to go in my 44year old dads name.
If anyone could get back to me on this i would be very greateful

p.s — I have tried all of the comparison sites and have only found 1insurance company cheaper than £3k

Gett Back to me please
Thank You xx
i forgot to mention the saxo is a 1.6 1587cc
sorry x

Administrator answers:

£3000 is Ok considering the car and your age.

There are NO cheap insurance companies.

You’ve done the right thing trying the comparison sites. Just keep looking at adverts etc. Some companies don’t use the comparison sites.

Try phoning your local broker. If they think they will get your business they will offer loads of free advice.

To keep the price down:
Garage the car overnight.
Do few miles (less than 8000 a year is cheaper than over 12000)
Make sure the car is standard.
Pay a larger excess (but beware you will have to pay this in event of a claim)
Go Third party if you are desperate.
Move to a cheaper area(!)
Also, some people pay more because of their jobs. Find out what jobs are cheapest and see if you can twist the description of your job. (If you drive around with multi million pound footballers as passengers you will pay more than if you are a lollipop lady. I believe doctors have higher premiums than say, an office worker.)

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