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April 4, 2012

William asks…

HELP!!! Car insurance – 10 month bonus accelerators and cheapest insurance companies?

Hi has anyone had any problems with a bonus 10 month accelerator policy when renewing??? also any ideas for the cheapest insurance companies especially when paying monthly and being a young driver (only 20)? thank you xxxxxxx
UK Companies only please thank you xxxxxxxxxxx

Administrator answers:

Various comparison sites such as:

Lisa asks…

Car Insurance?

My daughter is going to be 17 soon and is looking to buy a small car, ie corsa. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get car insurance for young drivers. She would prefer to have the insurance in her own name to build up no claims discount.

Administrator answers:

Try the quote link here:

They look at multiple companies for you I think.

Jenny asks…

Car Question about Young Drivers?

Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have just passed my driving test and now am looking about car possibilities, though with insurance it seems very difficult. so:

1. Is there any way is which a 19 year old can get cheap insurance? I am in a ok area, but everytime i try and get quotes. It quotes me 18,000 pound for a small astra. It may be something I’m doing wrong.

2. Is there any companies like Fiat, Vauxhall, Ford etc that can offer great monthly deals. My mate recently stated to me that Fiat offered him a Fiat Punto car with insurance included for 300 pound a month for 41 months. But after looking around I cant see anything like this. is there any good deals like this?

Any help would be great…

Administrator answers:

1. Get off the net and phone someone like,PPC,adrian+flux&gclid=CKLj9KnL-6YCFUYifAodtHjnEw – they might not be the best but they also do a pay as you go scheme

2. You won’t get free insurance at 19 years of age from anywhere so no need to bother looking for that.

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