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Your Questions About Google

February 25, 2013

Charles asks…

How to disappear from facebook group results in a google search?

With google indexing Facebook groups, whenever someone googles my name, all the groups I belong to appear in the search results, showing that I joined them.
I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want potential professional partners or co-workers to be able to find out I’m part of such or such group on facebook.
Should i just quit those groups one by one or is there a way to “disappear” ?

Administrator answers:

There is an option on the setting not to appear in the search results on google. If you look throught your settings you will find it.

David asks…

How to check the evaluation number google assigns to a website?

Those number from 1 to 10 Google assigns to a website based on how good it’s structured. How can I check it?

Administrator answers:

That is not evaluation number that is Google Page Rank.
You can check it here with this site link

If you want to reader how Google Page Rank works

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