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Your Questions About Google

March 24, 2013

Carol asks…

Is Google now abandoning its previous principles by reversing its stand against Chinese censorship?

So Google is now telling China that it will abide by the censorship laws? Has it given up on its recent stand against censoring its content?

Administrator answers:

When the Chinese government has its hands on Googles license, I don’t think Google has any other choice but to give up on its stand. After all China boasts the largest internet population.

John asks…

How can I cancel my google adsense account and start all over again. My account is still inactivate?

How can I cancel my google adsense account and start all over again. My account is still inactivate?

Administrator answers:

You can’t do that. You’re only ever allowed one Adsense account. If you have applied, but your account is still inactive, you’ll have to wait for a response from Google – either full activation, or rejection.

William asks…

How many caracters can you type into google?

Every time I open google I start to push one single button. And all of a sudden I got a whole screen full of “z”. I have been wondering, how many letters you can put into the question bar.
I have been trying to get an answer, since Im in the office and its very very very boring; so I made my calculations, and I came up with 1128; is this correct?

Administrator answers:


EDIT: you’re so fucking weird
get a fucking life LOL I’ve given you ‘let me google that for you’ so just fucking google it and go outside and enjoy the sunshine

Helen asks…

Why does my screen start spinning on google?

Every time I go to google and type in the word ”do ” (with a space at the end) the browser starts spinning, but when I type something else like Jinxx or something else everything is normal.

I use the newest Mozilla Firefox.

Administrator answers:

If you have ‘Google Instant Predictions’ turned on (which it is by default) it will try and come up with the most common searches while you type. When you start to type “do “, it jumps in and thinks you want to type “do a barrel roll” which is a funny Google joke that spins the screen in HTML5 compatible browsers like Firefox.

It is nothing to worry about but if it bothers you, go to your search preferences and turn off ‘Google Instant Predictions’.

Michael asks…

How to delete the cached pages of my websites from google?

Once in while google crawl the websites and cache the pages of the websites. Now I do not want that cached pages of my website to see from the other people?

Administrator answers:

I believe Google will delete the cached versions if you ask them.

Richard asks…

How do I make google show up when I open a new tab?

Google is my homepage so whenever I open internet explorer google comes up, but then when I open a new tab for some reason twitter comes up. I don’t know how I’ve set it to do that but I want google to show up and can’t figure out how to do that. I have internet explorer 8 or 9 I think. Please help!

Administrator answers:

Go to settings –> internet options –> change default page to

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