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Your Questions About Google

April 1, 2013

Charles asks…

How do companies like google and yahoo make money?

I have always wondered how websites like hulu, youtube, yahoo, google, etc made money because they don’t charge you when you are on their websites?

Administrator answers:

Dear Friend,

Not google and Yahoo, all companies, NGO and UN are running due to Add. It is the different things that the google, yahoo, news paper and Media is running due to commercial adds.

See every time when will search on google and yahoo, you will get some links in right side and top of the searh page. These are the commercial adds of google and yahoo. Yahoo and Google are running Publisher and adword program to earn income for you and itself.

And if Microsoft is providing something in free because of Google.

Paul asks…

How to prepare for an interview at Google?

I have an interview coming up for Google. I have been researching interviews at Google, but they are all for tech positions but I’m interviewing for a Recruiting position so I don’t need to read up on algorithms or anything. Any pointers or tips?

Administrator answers:

Do exactly this: Go in with your laptop and wireless card. Google every question they ask you and give that response. If the Google responses suck (and they will), then explain that this is proof that they need you on the team to find the talent to fix their crappy search engine results.

Robert asks…

How to restore the Google toolbar that has disappeared?

The Google toolbar that was installed on my computer has disappeared. On the Internet Explorer I clicked “tools” and then clicked “toolbars” and made a checkmark on “Google toolbar”. But it is not showing up. I need help to restore same.

Administrator answers:

The first thing to try is go into the “View” menu, then look under “toolbars.” If the google toolbar is there just click on it to show it again. If not you may have to reinstall it from the google site.

Sandy asks…

How do I get Google Buzz back after accidentally deleting it?

I accidentally deleted my Google Buzz account and I really want it back! I don’t need to have my same account back, like with all my old Google Buzz settings, but I don’t want to make a whole new Google account. Is there anyway to download Google Buzz again on my same Gmail account? Because now it doesn’t even give it to me as an option to download. THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Gmail Settings, Buzz Tab. Check there. Https://

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