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Your Questions About Google

April 14, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How do I show google Search Box as a permanent tool bar item in Internet Explorer under Vista?

I used to have a google toolbar/search box on the top of my browser. I don’t want the tab but be able to search without opening the Google tab
Thanks guys

Administrator answers:

You can download google search box toolbar here:

Robert asks…

How does Google track for their new privacy policy?

Please explain to me the new Google privacy policy?

How does it track, I heard only if someone is logged into their account?

Can they still track if I am not logged in?

Administrator answers:

Rightfully, many are confused (alarmed even) about the March launch of these ‘new’ terms, but essentially they are taking all products and services, and uniting the various Terms of Service and Privacy Policies that exist within those separate items, and will now have GUTs: Grand Unified Terms, which apply to all of them.

They already collect excruciating details about what you’re doing, when you do it, the patterns of your behavior, what machine you’re using, and so on…now, those data items will be (by default) spread within all their other products and services, and possibly any 3rd parties they are affiliated with.

They claim it’s got all the warm and fuzzy attributes that make you feel good (with the omniscient eye on selling you to ad services), but the reality is, they can do just about anything with anything they can find out about you. It will says a Google rep; “…improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone.”

Google has a running history of acquiring or developing many excellent software ‘packages’; then giving that away to the public at large (which are eagerly snapped up); then re-wording the original Terms of Service (via the ‘gottcha’ clause) to broaden the scope of what they collect and how they disperse it to anyone with enough money.
This is not unusual unfortunately, because many firms use the same tactic. It has never been the opposite case where your info sharing is further restricted.

In short, the new GUTs must be read and modified by you, if you want to constrain what’s being done with your Google ‘profile’, otherwise: your business is the worlds business.
Have a look at these Google pages about changing your default Account settings to see if anything helps:
Google Dashboard =
Ads Preferences Manager =
tools =
Data Liberation Front =

This of course applies only to Google products and services, and does not affect outside organizations directly.
You must stay informed about specific services and their affiliation to Google, and any co-mingled 3rd parties, in order to speculate on the reach of database and it’s effect on you.
By the way, use a broad brush to paint the potential for privacy invasion landscape.

What’s your life worth? Google thinks $5 should cover it: Google to Pay Users to Track Their Movements Online;

If you use ANY Google service/product/app then these new GUTs apply to you…sign in to your Google account is not necessary.
For instance if you use Chrome browser; Flicker; Picasa; and so on.
List of Google products

Susan asks…

How can you stop google from showing your info?

Typing yourself in google can be fun, but sometimes annoying. I know you can prevent facebook from picking you up on google, but my ebay info is pulling up as well. It’s not cool that someone can see my ratings and thus items I’ve bought. No way am I gonna be able to surprise my friend with a present now. How can I stop google from pulling up my ebay info?

Administrator answers:

What makes you think that your friend is going to spend the days before his/her birthday typing your name into Google to see what you’re doing on ebay? If you’re worried about that I would cut off his electricity – that will certainly stop him using the internet, though it might detract from the joy of the surprise present.

Maria asks…

How do I make Google my default browser?

I originally had Google as my default browser. The question popped up,do you want internet explorer as your default browser? I meant to mark no. My finger slipped, and accidentally I pressed yes. I need this problem corrected, please? I want Google as my default browser. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

If you mean google chrome then in the top right it has a tool wrench and click that then options then in the Basic tab at the bottom it says Default Browser: and then you change it there.

Nancy asks…

What forms of payment does Google adsense offer to United States publishers?

I just put Google adsense on my tumblr blog and have made 300 US dollars in my estimated earnings. this is my first month doing this. what types of payment does google adsense offer? i don’t have a checking account, only a savings account.

Administrator answers:

Wow. You made $300 from first month? That’s great.

Google will send you verification PIN at your postal address once you cross $10 threshold. Once, you’ve verified your account using the PIN, your account is eligible for payment.

Since you live in the US, you’ll paid using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
Visit this page for more info:

James asks…

How can I get the email address associated with my Google Account?

I’ve forgotten my Google Account password and the email bound to that account. All I know is my Google Account username. Is there any way I can get that associated email address?

Administrator answers:

Go to, type in the username you remember. Once you’ve typed it in, look for the “Forgot your password?” text and click on that link. Follow the prompts to reset your password. If all else fails after you try that you’ll be able to contact google and claim your account.

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