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Your Questions About Google

April 21, 2013

Steven asks…

How can I find information about the Google logo made into artistic themes on certain days ?

I have Google as my homepage. The Google logo is designed into artist themes on certain days. How can I find out about the theme for the artistic Google logo ?

Administrator answers:

They are not only for holidays. In fact, most of the time, it isn’t a holiday at all.

Today’s theme is called “Up In the Clouds”, and it was created by the national 2008 winner of the Doodle for Google contest they just had. Always click on the doodle itself. I really like them :)

Joseph asks…

How do I set a different home page on Google Chrome?

Google chrome is my browser how to I make another website my homepage?Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Open the Google Chrome Browser

Click on the Spanner button on the right corner

Click Options

Click Basics tab

Then click “Open the following page”

And enter the websites u like to have as homepage(s)

Your done!!!

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