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Your Questions About Google

May 6, 2013

Ken asks…

What is google adwords and how does it benefit your website?

I was wondering if anyone could explain in details about Google Adwords. Do you make money off of it or do you have to pay Google for specific words? What is the best way to make money from advertisements on your website? Where do you find these advertisers?

Administrator answers:

Google adwords is an advertisement techniqe where you can register an account to google, and after successfull resgistation they will give a pice of html code to put in your website. The google crawlers automativcally identifies the content in you page and display ad according to the contents in your we page. You dont need to pay google anything. Once someone click on the advertisement in your page they will pay you a small % of money. You can accumulate all money and google will send you cheque once it reaches a certain amount.

Laura asks…

How to change the address bar in safari to search google instead of yahoo?

Before updating my Vuze program, my safari address bar always searched with google, but after the update it now searches with yahoo which drives me crazy. I know it must have installed something when I updated that program. How do I change it back to search google again?

Administrator answers:

If you want to change your default search engine from Google to Yahoo! Or Bing, here’s what to do:

•From the home screen, tap on the Settings app
•Tap on Safari.
•Tap on Search Engine.
•Select the new Search Engine.
Once you quit settings, your selection will remain the default Search Engine until you change it again.