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Your Questions About Google

May 22, 2013

Steven asks…

How to change the google homepage to english by default?

I live in the neatherlands and the dutch google sucks, so everytime i got to click on “google in english” it annoys me to do it everytime i got to google something, so does anyone know how to change the default language/country to the UK or the US?

Administrator answers:

You can use

this eliminates country specified url’s
ncr stands no current location
It displays in english.

James asks…

How can you block your email from being searched from google?

Wen I type in my email address in google, there are links leading to it. I don’t want people to search my email using google. Can I block search engines from searching my email or not?

Administrator answers:

So why are you even typing your email in a Google search? It’s not clear what you mean by links leading to your email. But if you’re logged into that account then doing a search, that’s probably why you’re getting links to it. No one would be putting your email address into a Google search. What would be the point? They already know your email address, so it makes no sense to search for it.

Susan asks…

How do you set a Google theme as your homepage?

I found this thing once that let you set an image background and the google search bar as your homepage, but I can’t find it again. Does anyone know how to find it?? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can change your image as background and logo of google

if u want ready-made themes…
Check out this site ( )

William asks…

How did Google start making their money before Google went public 2005?

Just tell how Google got enough money to buy youtube and how the two owner became billionaires?

Administrator answers:

Which part of this Google is incomprehensible for you?

That is not a complicated problem so u ask for it’s answer just revise and understand the rules and u will solve it in a few mins

What is that you don’t understand?
In the meantime, please grow up and get a life outside Google

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