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Your Questions About Google

June 2, 2013

John asks…

How do you make a google calender publicly viewable?

People have to login to google before they can view the calendar on my blog. How do i make it available to anyone, regardless if they have an account or not.

Administrator answers:

If you are using Google Calendar, you must change the settings for the specific calendar you are trying to show…

1) Go to Google Calendar, click Settings.
2) Click “Calendars” tab to show a list of all your calendars
3) When you see the list of your calendars, look in the “Sharing” column for “Shared: Edit settings” – click that
4) Click the “Share this calendar with others” and then click “Make this calendar public”
5) Click on “Calendar Details” and you will see a section called “Embed this calendar”. Take the code from this and replace with whatever you had on your blog. It should make it freely available for public view without the need to login.

You can also look here:

Robert asks…

How do i get my tab page to google so that i can have google thumbnails?

My homepage is Google and i want my tab page to be google as well so that I can have Google thumbnails. I used to have them but my computer kinda crashed and now they are gone. I seriously need them back. Can anyone help me?

Administrator answers:

You haven’t mentioned what browser you’re using. If it’s Google Chrome then you can’t make a home page to appear on the new tab page no matter how many times you visit your homepage.

Lisa asks…

Does Google have sales representative in US and European countries?

I mean Google earns billions of dollars per year, mainly from Adwords and Adsense.

What kind of sales method is Google using? Personal selling??? Google has sales team or not?

Administrator answers:

Well google has just expanded their earnings by building the Google ANDROID system, but no they do not use actual sales representatives.

Carol asks…

Why does google allow people to profit off google adsence on blog on the website blogger?

Why does google allow people to profit off google adsence on blog on the website blogger when blogger is owned by google?

Administrator answers:

The ads by Google (Adsense) you’ve seen is from Google Adwords.

Adwords’s users pay advertising cost for Google. And Google takes the ads to show on Blogs/Websites of adsense promoter.

It means, If you promote your site on adwords and your ads show on my blog… When people click the ads on my blog, Google and i will get more money but you pay more.

So blogger helps Google to increase their revenue from Adwords ^^

Richard asks…

How do you add custom AdSence to Google sites page?

Google AdSence is enabled on this Google sites page but I can not copy the code from my custom channels to the page. Once I have code from custom ad how do I load onto a Google sites page. Yes I am the owner of this page/web site. Yes I have admin permission.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you can use custom Adsense or custom channels on Google Sites – only their built-in versions (which allow a variety of formats). You could try using the HTML box (in the ‘insert’ menu) but I doubt if it would accept the script.

Until a couple of years ago, Google Sites would not accept Adsense at all so it was quite a step forward when they started including the various Adsense options.

Lizzie asks…

What technology is used to make the Google doodle?

Interest what Google use to allow users to interact with the google image. Is it just JavaScript?

Administrator answers:


Google employs multiple technologies. Google is a big supporter of HTML5, and employs some of the technology along side Javascript. Here’s their website about HTML5 and the power of it:

I hope this helps!

Tim S

Mark asks…

How much will the google g2 cost and what wire less company will it be with?

How much will the google g2 cost and what wire less company will it be with?

Administrator answers:

T-mobile has patented the g1, g2, g3, and g4 so whenever the g2 comes out it will only be with T-mobile. Google is working with some other companies to make a phone but it will have a different name. It will cost probably the same as the g1 which is $250 if you sign up for a contract.

David asks…

How do I upload photos to a google group?

Google offers step-by-step instructions, but they include “click ‘File’ on the right side of your group home page” and there is no file button there.

Administrator answers:

First, enter your Google group page, and then on the right side, you will find the option, and then, go on as the step-by-step instructions go.

Thomas asks…

About Google technology: What is the ratio of relevance to importance in regard to sorting search results?

Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search. So what is the exact proportion of relevance to importance in regard to Google search results sorting?

Administrator answers:

Couple things:

First, unless someone from Google is reading Yahoo Answers and decides to violates company policy by spilling the beans, all you’re going to get are guesses and theories.

Beyond that … There are certainly occasions when importance trumps relevance. Pages from authority sites are often capable of ranking ahead of more relevant pages simply due to their importance. Wikipedia is a great example of this. But I certainly can’t answer your question about the “exact proportion” involved. I’d suggest it depends on the competitiveness of the query, for starters.

Also, at this point, PageRank really has very little to do with rankings. It’s much more a determiner of how deeply and frequently a site gets crawled. There are innumerable examples of lower-Pagerank pages outranking pages with higher PR. Google’s ranking algorithm has more than 200 elements, according to semi-recent interviews and statements.

Hope this helps.

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