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Your Questions About Google

June 11, 2013

Daniel asks…

How do I get my business on google maps?

Google once phoned me to ask if my business had a shop front. We do now and I’d like to get us on the map that comes as part of the search engine results.

Administrator answers:


Donna asks…

How do I get Google Play on my Android Tablet?

My phone already had Google Play installed, but my tablet doesn’t. Is there anyway to install it onto it?

Administrator answers:

It should be there but may not be on the default desktop. Look under the full list of apps on the device.
If it’s running an old version of android it may be called google store.

If it’s truly missing (which would be very odd) then there will be ways to install it but they would be tablet specific (you didn’t say what tablet it is) and could get complicated.

Mark asks…

How do I create a youtube account without creating a google account?

Whenever I try to make a youtube account, google pops up. I already have a google account and I dont want a new one.

Administrator answers:

You can not because Google acquired Youtube a few years back. You can make a new account and use it only for Youtube.

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