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Your Questions About Google

June 24, 2013

Paul asks…

How do you get interogatory things removed about you on google?

I have a web master/hacker putting interoggatory information on google when you google my name in several different ways . Is there a way to remove such lies, and also teach this individual a lesson with maybe some jail time?

Administrator answers:

Interrogatory? Interrogatories aren’t lies, they’re questions.

Maybe you should google what you’re talking about, I think you mean “derogatory”.

And there isn’t any information on google. Google is a search engine that brings you to different websites, it’s on the websites that the information is on, and on those websites you should request it be taken down. (Look for a contact or help link at the bottom of the page.)

Sandra asks…

How to get my music downloaded from google music to play on my actual phones music app?

I just downloaded a song off Google play music and it appears on the app Google music but not on my default music player, how do I download it onto my actual phone and not this stupid app?

Administrator answers:

You cannot download music from your Google Music cloud account to a mobile device. The point of the cloud account is that you can access it on the mobile device using the data network or wifi.

The mobile app doesn’t have the capability of downloading, AFAIK.

However, you can download any song you purchased to a computer or laptop, then copy the file over to the phone.

Michael asks…

All Google search results redirect me to a random ad website. How do I get rid?

My google is acting up… Looks like I have a virus that redirects all the Google results to advert websites!

I’m on Google Chrome (not sure if it makes a difference)… Just wanna know if theres any way of removing it without sending it off to a repair shop and costing me a bomb.

Administrator answers:

Google Redirect Virus

Restart your machine in Safe Mode with networking (hit F8 at start time)

Disable SpyBot TeaTimer if you have it

Download and run TDSSKiller, follow the instructions here

Download these to your desktop

before running them, change their names
Malwarebytes: mblah.scr
ComboFix: comfix.exe

Then run Malwarebytes (mblah), and clean everything it says.

Then run ComboFix (comfix), and clean everything it says. Do not click the mouse or interrupt ComboFix as it is working If it tells you to reboot your machine during the process, do so immediately.

Helen asks…

How do you advertize your website on google?

I want to put my website on google so more people will join it, but I have no idea how.

Administrator answers:

and if you want to show your ads in google then click here

or use google adword

John asks…

How long will it take google to register?

How long will it take google to update my site on it’s index?

I mean If I got a whole whack of links and improved it’s SEO friendlyness how long untill google will actually move it up? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Since you know about SEO (search engine optimiztion), you may also understand that Google searches produce two types of results: natural search results driven by SEO, and sponsored or advertised results, driven my marketing dollars being spent by advertisers to move their chosen search terms higher. Bids are done daily, sometimes more oftern. Normally, SEO makes use of search crawlers that in short, crawl around websites looking for relevant information for various search terms. The exact formul used by Google, Yahoo & most other search engines is a clolsely guarded secret. Not sure anyone not inside the Google organization can give you a precise answer.

The general answer is “when Google’s web crawlers are on your site, results are received by analysts & changes are made.

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