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Your Questions About Google

July 6, 2013

Carol asks…

How to see our account in a google group with yahoo mail?

I had joined a google group some time back using my yahoo email id, now i want to leave that google group. Is there any way of doing so?I don’t know that how can i log in group with my yahoo mail and delete myself from members!

Administrator answers:

Sign into Google and search groups where you should
be able to deactivate it.
Have a good day

J R :)

Sandra asks…

How can I start posting to Google Knol?

I see that Google has unearthed its new Wikipedia-rival Knol. How can I start posting entries on Knol? I can’t find it anywhere with a Google search. Thanks ahead of time.

Administrator answers:

I think google didn’t launch this service yet. They announced the sevice and posted screenshots thats it.
You can check out the screenshots at:

Ruth asks…

How can you get your profile picture off on Google?

Google have my profile picture from Facebook. Is there a way to make the profile picture unsearchable without deleting the Facebook account and picture?

Administrator answers:

Mine is, too! That is the bad part, though… Google doesn’t really classify the searches according to where they originate. They just capture all the possible matches of your search, with the words from the World Wide Web. It’s like a keyword- but, unless you search for your whole name (as in my case), that will be the only time, my profile picture shows up on Google’s Image search engine. For instance, you search for: “cookies” on images. But, unless you specify exactly WHAT- i.e., “chocolate chip”, the chances that your profile picture is bound to show up, are low; unless you specify what, exactly (for example, the brand).

But I am speaking from a point, where you simply do not want your photo to be seen by accident, and not if you do not want a SPECIFIC person (who probably knows who you are, and wants to get hold of a photo of you) to see your profile picture. In that case, lengthening your name will do the trick. Most likely, there are other people who share the exact same name as yours, such as “Jenny Wilson”, for example, the less likely a person, searching for a photo, using those exact keywords, will not come across your picture, if you complete your name. You could make it harder for people to find you, if you use your whole name (with your maiden name and,or second name). But, keep in mind, ALWAYS make your Facebook profile PRIVATE. But, the fact that your question raises a concern about anonymity, I am sure that you are smart enough to have done so ;) .

But my Facebook profile picture, has never been on Google (knock-on-wood)! Just my Multiply account’s. So, I wonder how your Facebook profile picture made its way there… Hmmm.

Well, anyway, do you understand my point? :)

Michael asks…

How do you make another youtube channel with one google account?

How do you make another youtube channel with one google account?
Plz reply with step by step process, or at least in a way i will understand
When i try to do it with my already used email, it comes out that i already have an channel with that email.

Administrator answers:

I was still signed into google with my google account, made another youtube account and they were on the same account. I didn’t mean to do it and it pissed me off for like 2 years because I’m a partner and it wouldn’t let me see my reports or anything. It was like it was half linked to the google account and half not.

Just make a new one, it’s better to have them separate. It’s a pain otherwise and features don’t work properly.

Lisa asks…

How do we remove our website informations from Google Cache ?

Google is really a king when it comes to seach engine.

She is so great that she will make a cache for every page on the internet.

Howvever, not all people want this, like I am,

So, How do we actually remove our webpages from google cache that have already been cached ?

Hope someone will give the best answer.

Thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

If you have a google account and have your website listed in their ‘webmaster tools’ then you can go to your ‘dashboard’, click on your website and select ‘tools’.
One of the option there is: ‘remove urls’.
If you do not want some or all of your website pages indexed then use a robots.txt and/or robots meta tags to exclude the search engines from crawling your pages/site.
Regards, Zyfert

Mark asks…

How do you delete a google account without deleting a youtube account and all its videos?

My youtube account is permanently linked to my google account and I want to delete my google account WITHOUT DELETING MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND ALL OF ITS VIDEOS.

Please help.

Administrator answers:

Sorry. But you can’t. You got to have a Google account in order to have a You Tube account.
I log-in to my You Tube account with my Google gmail
account log-in. Then after I once get logged in it shows
my user name I signed up with several years ago.

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