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Your Questions About Google

July 6, 2013

Paul asks…

How to become an associate member with google to make money on the internet?

Is this what is required so that google pays you when people click on the google ads on your webpage.? Alternatively is there other way to make money with google adverts on your web page

Administrator answers:

If you want to earn some cash with google check out

It will teach you how to make 1k a week, Check it out, you will be making a full income online in no time

Carol asks…

Google skech up models for commercial work?

Can I use the Google sketchup models from 3D warehouse for commericial use? Do I have to contact the author for permissions or any royalty?

Administrator answers:

You can download its unlimited and use them but you need google skechup 7 or newer

Donald asks…

How can I delete my video uploaded to Google Video?

Google Video stopped allowing people to upload videos to Google video. But I have a video that I uploaded years ago, and I need to either remove it, or change the names so when my name is Googled, the video doesn’t show in the search results. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

On this page you’ll get
the requested information.


Susan asks…

How do I see my bookmarks in google without having to export and import everytime?

It’s a pain having to export and import my bookmarks in google. Do they have a function I can use like yahoo favorites?

Administrator answers:

Download google toolbar
Right-click on menu bar and stcik bookmarks toolbar

Ken asks…

What type of google search pages are there?

I know that there are different types of google like Black Google and elgooG but what other types, if any, are there?

Administrator answers:

Http:// – Lets you pick the google title – really loco

Search for “google parodies” or “versions of google” for more. There are a lot; but I didn’t care for some of them.

Donna asks…

How can you tell if a google offers code was redeemed?

I have this google offers I purchased a while back that I am not sure if I already redeemed and it says it expires in 10 days. Does it tell you on the google offers site that the code has been redeemed or not?


Administrator answers:

Go to and click on My Offers, if it was redeemed, it should appear as one of the offers on that page.

Linda asks…

How to stop google changing every page to Australian search?

Every time i search for something on google it will automatically switch it to all Australian results, I want it to be the normal the whole web. How?

Administrator answers:

Probably u live in australia, so google automatically changes to your country’s default search provider….

To stop this, do not go to, instead use their IP address which is

type this ip address in the address bar (where you write, now your problem will be solved….
To set this as your home page, to tools–>internet option–>type this in the home page and click ok to apply…

Or just type

let me know for any further problems…

Chris asks…

How do you search for special characters in google?

How do you search for special characters, such as commas, , , and other symbols, in google? It seems to ignore the symbols for the search and enclosing the symbol in quotes or using + or – before the symbol seems to have no effect. Are there any special commands that would enable google to search this way or is the search engine just not smart enough, yet?

Administrator answers:

Google ignores a lot of common symbols and a lot of common words, like “&” and “and”. There is no real fix that I know of.

You can type the symbol into which at least gives its Unicode name, then search on that name or on a Unicode alias in Google. That will give you what you want in some cases.

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