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Your Questions About Google

July 14, 2013

Sandra asks…

How do I set Google and Gmail default location to Canada or US?

I am a Canadian living and working in South Korea. Google and Gmail are automatically changing to their Korean versions. I want to change the settings so that I automatically go to the Canada or US version of Gmail and Google. Can someone advise?

Administrator answers:

Look at the bottom on your google page! ChaCha!:P

Betty asks…

How to deactivate the sms alert services from Google?


I activate the sms alerts of news, sports and careers messages from google to my mobile phone. But now it cause head ache to me, Please tell the way how to deactivate the service from the google.

Administrator answers:

Is it Google sms channels then goto my channels and unsubscribe to each of the channel you have subscribed

Lizzie asks…

How do i get my foursquare picture off google?

My friend posted a picture of me on his foursquare and its now public on google. Everytime sumone searches the name of our school it comes up. I took it off his foursquare but its still on google. How do i get it off google?

Administrator answers:

Very simple answer. You can’t. Once something is posted on the Internet it is there forever. Now, Google only provides a link to the original picture. Since you have removed that picture, eventually the links (and the cached copies of the picture) should begin to disappear or at least drop in the ranking so that the picture is not instantly popping up. But there is nothing you can do to remove the picture other than wait.

Daniel asks…

How can i work for google street view?

How can i work for google street view?
There is so many streets yet to get done, and i think it would be a fun thing to do, since i like driving.

Administrator answers:

Apply for a job at Google. But you should know if there is an opening. Though it is a fun thing, first it is mandatory to check if there is an opening for this job. Also it would be quite challenging to get selected if there is an vacancy. All the best and appreciate your interest.

Susan asks…

How do I get a free google plus invite code?

I am attempting to getin the google+ website, but apparently I need an special invitatition. Does anyone know how to get a free google plus special invitatition?

Administrator answers:

Google+ came out of beta testing a few days ago.
You can sign up here.

Mary asks…

How do you sync a shared google calendar in outlook?

My wife and I are both using google calendar. When she enters things on her calendar, which she has shared with me, I see them when I’m online on my google calendar, however when I open my outlook I only see my events. Is there a way in outlook to see her events as well?

Administrator answers:

Try this link below for information and details

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