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Your Questions About Google

July 16, 2013

Susan asks…

How do I position an ad in google ad words over free ads?

Does anyone know how to position a google ad directly over the free ads? I have looked up the Google Adwords site a couple of times. I don’t want my ad to appear in the sidebar, but directly above all the other free ads. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The ability to appear over the organic results is controlled largely by your quality score. You need to be very relevant (in Google’s eyes) and also bid high enough. The only real way to know if it will work is to try it.

Make sure you have small adgroups with relevant ads and landing pages, and then work on increasing the click-through on your ads to improve your chances of showing up at the top.

Daniel asks…

How to become an associate member with google to make money on the internet?

¿ Is this what is required so that google pays you when people click on the google ads on your webpage.? Alternatively is there other way to make money with google adverts on your web page

Administrator answers:

This short article will round things up for you and get you on your way to becoming part of Googles AdSense program…

Nancy asks…

What is the best way to rank higher on google?

I have an automotive website and I want to rank on page one of google. Please share any secrets or tips so I can get my website on page one of google. Maybe we need an seo company or search engine optimization ?

Administrator answers:

If you want to rank on google, get your on page code setup so google will see what it needs to see for ranking for your exact keywords. Secondly, get useful content that google and others will like. Lastly, get some links pointed at your site with your keyword in the anchor text.

Hope this helps!

David asks…

Received a warning letter to google Unnatural links, how to deal with this situation?

Received a warning letter to google Unnatural links, how to deal with this situation? Who knows?

Administrator answers:

Thousands have been receiving these warnings, particularly those who were using private blog networks that have been recently de-indexed. This may be a new tact on Google’s part, they used to make allowances for the possibility of competitors sabotaging your ranking with bad links by just discounting them.

Get all of the paid links removed as you can, clean up any questionable site elements like cloaking then submit a reconsideration request trough the webmaster tools.

A couple of other cases:

William asks…

What size do images have to be to be uploaded as a Google background image?

Google have made it even more restrictive in terms of what size images are that you can upload to be your background image on the Google homepage. I keep getting a message saying that the file is too large. Is there an exact size that images need to be in order to work?

Administrator answers:

Here is the link that provides the information about uploading the image for your Google background:

Good luck!

Maria asks…

Can users contribute in designing a special google logo?

On special occasions the google logo changes to meet with that occasions..
I am a graphic Designer and logo design is my passion… Is there like a mail where users can submit their logos and the google team can review them and post them if they are impressed?

Administrator answers:

You can contribute for the Google logos. But that will not be special like Google Doodle,
so many people has also contribute in this way,

but google will not gonna use those logos as their main logo!!

Chris asks…

How many google plus invites can I give out?

I couldn’t find an answer anywhere in google plus but I remember seeing a friend say they were out of invites.

Administrator answers:

Hey, friend. You can give out as many as you can. I have just written something about Google+ on my blog. You might as well go to have a look if necessary. The sites are in the following: Google+ Analytics: Social Network Accelerator or Google FaceBook Killer? ( ), Google+ Draws Social Network Attentions: In What Ways Does It Affect the Network? ( )
Hope I can help you, and if you need more information you can also contact me.

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