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Your Questions About Google

July 21, 2013

Donna asks…

How do I contact Google for a product idea?

I have a product idea for Google and I was wondering how to contact Google for it. Please help.

Administrator answers:

They are renowned for making it hard to reach a live person, like record companies and movie studio return unsolicited submissions unopened to avoid lawsuits, I kinda doubt Google accepts ideas from unknowns.

Here’s their contact directory.

Sandy asks…

How to embed google search box into my website?

Is google search box is free? I want to embed it into my site. The search results should be displayed on my site itself.

Administrator answers:

Yes, Google provides a service use their engine on your site for free. According to their site, you can:

- Include one or more websites, or specific webpages
- Host the search box and results on your own website
- Customize the look and feel of the results to match your site

Hope that helps!

Thomas asks…

How do I import my iPhone calendar into Google Calendars?

I have an empty Google calendar and I want to sync my iPhone calendar with my Google one. If I choose to simply sync them it erases all my iPhone events to begin with. I need to import my iPhone calendar to Google Calendars before I sync them.

Administrator answers:

You can use the MobileMe software within iTunes to do this, although I would highly recommend installing the Google app from the App Store, onto your iPhone and using that. It syncs immediately with your google calendar just the same, however it is free.

I use it constantly as I work shifts and need to know what I’m working each day. It’s great!

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Is it possible to earn money at home by using google adsense?

I came to know that google has a fantastic offer named google adsense. If you allow Google to advertise in your personal website, then Google will pay you per visitor of your site? I wanna know is it really or just a joke? Does anyone has tried this? Do I need a credit card to get this offer?

Administrator answers:

Yes its possible..but the money given is per click/or per 1000 visitors..
M doing thisgenuine work successfully..the Google advertisements system.
I never beleive the suryey system and the data entry works on net.I bliv in start earning without spending a single penny.
The way i earn is by putting ads by google on my website.
The websites and ads both are provided free by google.
The link that i will give u will explain how to open a google ad account free,and put ads on ur blogspot site.
The system is simple and genuine.Google takes money from the companies who want to give ads on internet(they are called advertisers)
Google will display the ads on webpages of the people who are registered with google for that(they are called publishers)
When any visitor clicks on anyone of the ads google give a good share of the ad revenue in our account and sends it thru a check when 100$ accumulate.
I m making anything between $200-$300 per month, ,by working 2hrs daily.If that is enough for u ,u should go for this system.and my cousin whu learnt this thing frm me made Rs4 lacs in 2months..but that was bcos his upload site became very popular.
Everything depends on how much traffic u are getting on ur website.I get most of the traffic from forums like yahoo answers and others.Also if u update ur website with quality and original content,the google search engine catches it and then u get automatic traffic too.
For making a free blogspot site go to

And to open a google publisher account,and to learn more, go to

i have other blogsites too like this (u can make as many as u want and post whatever u like)


Paul asks…

What does it mean when a google or yahoo bot is on my website?

I keep seeing that a google or yahoo bot is on my website. What is that?

Administrator answers:

Also called search engine Spiders, these are automated site indexing visits, generally this is a good thing, necessary for your pages to appear in search results.

You can examine the Google cache, after rolling over the >> symbol next to a search results, to determine the date of the last robot visit.

Larger sites provide Site Maps that the search engines consult in order to more easily find the content.

Private information you don’t want to be found can be labeled don’t spider in a Robot.txt file, some web scraping ventures don’t honor th Robot.txt instructions and may also masquerade as a regular user’s browser.

Robert asks…

How can I get Google to assist in a problem with a Google Places listing?

We have an edited Google Places listing that has been approved several weeks ago and we submitted it. But it’s not being seen in search results; rather, old listings are. We have tried to reach Google through the forums (asking questions) and also through their ‘report a problem’ features….not a word…not even sure they view/see these reported problems…I really want to update my Google Places listing, we’ve done everything by the book…who can help us?

Administrator answers:

Google is like a way way BIG company. It might take some times…

John asks…

How do changes in the technology environment affect google?

Not what Google does, but how it is affected by changes in the technology environment.

Administrator answers:

What Do You Mean


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