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Your Questions About Google

July 22, 2013

Richard asks…

What is the shortcut to make a new slide in google drive?

In google drive it says that on Mac pressing command-M will make a new slide but instead that minimizes the page.
What keyboard shortcut can I use to make a new slide on Google drive’s powerpoint?

Administrator answers:

You can “override” the default Command-M shortcut by mapping it to something else. To remap the key combination, launch System Preferences and choose Keyboard. Then the Keyboard Preferences Panel appears, click on the right tab named “Keyboard Shortcuts”. You will notice many default keyboard shortcuts that you can override.

After that you can use Cmd + M to create a new slide in google drive.

Sharon asks…

What is the email for Google help? How could I contact anyone who works with Google?

I would like to see if I could get the people at Google to change a setting, I have been looking on the website and cannot find any. Please respond if you know it.

Administrator answers:

Google’s address is below. Also, please check the link below for specific email addresses at Google to send your inquiry.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Betty asks…

How to download android apps from google play on pc?

How to download android apps from google play on pc for mobile? I want to transfer them later to phone. Is there a way to do this?

Administrator answers:

At First U have a android mobile to download android apps from google play on pc
In Android mobile Connect your account of Google then
just login to google with that username and password
And then u Download the android apps from google play on pc
Good Luck…

David asks…

How can i check the validity of an advertised Google check?

There are many advertising programs sold by affiliates today which promote a success story of any kind, supported by pictures of Google paychecks that they’ve supposedly received. I would like to know is there a way to ask google about the validity of these checks. Are they real or not?

Administrator answers:

I would be very suspicious of pictures of Google Paychecks – most are probably fake images.

Maybe you could simply compare check images and see what the routing numbers look like – those are the numbers running along the bottom. If they are consistent over several different affiliates sites, then maybe they “could” be genuine.

Nevertheless, I’d not believe in anyone who posts checks on their site – it’s almost always a scam.

Chris asks…

How do I limit my Google Web History to searches only?

I was given an option to expand my Google web history from just searches to everything. How do I go about getting it back to just searches?

Administrator answers:

I logged in to my own Google web history here

But i couldn’t find any options to change the settings. I went to Google Accounts page as well, but no options there either.

Thomas asks…

How can I make my name a Google suggestion?

You all know about the Google suggestions. I understand that if something is popular enough, it will become one. But how can I make my name one?

PS: A Google suggestion is when you put down “S” on the Google search engine, about ten suggestions will drop down.

Administrator answers:

This all depends on what’s being searched by crowds of people…

If you can somehow rally a crowd behind you (of thousands of people) to all search the same term within a few hours of each other, you could theoretically get your name in the suggested terms box.

Since Google doesn’t expose their algorithm’s, this isn’t a sure thing though.

Carol asks…

How can I easily download google chromium to a flash drive?

Is there somewhere where I can download Google Chromium to a flashdrive REALLY EASILY? I tried three or four different websites, and they were all too confusing.
I want to download it onto a flash drive, so I can plug the flash drive in ato any computer and boot Chromium.

Administrator answers:

This website gives step by step instructions

Nancy asks…

How do I find out what version google toobar I have?

I have trouble with my Google toolbar add-ons, when I did not have any in the previous version. Right now i do not know where I stand.

Administrator answers:

To deal with your last observation first – if you search «Toolbar Help», the results listed will include both official Google Toolbar Help pages (if any such exists for the particular problem) and relevant threads from the forum….

Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Why different services of Google does not run well in Opera?

Google desktop, Google Docs, Googlepages, Google reader, Picasa (Image service of google) even the new version of Gmail (which has colored lebel) does not run smoothly in Opera.
I am a fan of opera and I want to run these services using Google.
The option “Mask as Firefox” also does not work well.

Can anyone give me a solution so that I can run the cool services of Google using Opera internet browser? Please.

Administrator answers:

Well thats the trade-off, you can now try Google Chrome..

Cheers.. Nilesh

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