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Your Questions About Google

August 8, 2013

Charles asks…

How long does a site map that has been uploaded to Google take to start working?

I uploaded the XML sitemap to google a few days ago but Webmaster tools says that Google hasn’t downloaded any pages yet. Is this normal?

Administrator answers:

It can take them a week or longer to look at a site map! If your worried that they are not indexing any of your pages then type correct domain Extension .com is just an example) into google if it returns no results then it is possible that your site has been removed from there indexes altogether for violations or alleged violations of there terms. To get a site reindexed you can submit a resubmission form from google webmaster tools.
If your site is brand new then give google a few days although they normally find sites quite quickly. If there are no links pointing to your home page then you may want to try and get some there are a number of free directories that require no reciprocal link that you can submit to (make sure they dont use the no follow attribute!)

Hope this helps

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