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Your Questions About Google

August 11, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How did people that invest in Google get rich?

Google is a free service that everyone use how did the people working there get tons of money?

Administrator answers:

Google is NOT a free service for the advertisers – that is how Google makes money. When you search, the top few listings are paid for by sponsors. For each click on one of those search results, the advertiser pays Google anywhere from a few cents to over a dollar.

However, the stockholders in Google got rich because they got in early (a lot were employees). At one time, Google was a little upstart working out of a garage and Yahoo, AOL and Alta Vista (who??) ruled search. If you bought Google at that time you are very very well off.

Michael asks…

How long do you need to wait until you can get Google AdSense?

My cousin wants to get Google AdSense along with his site, but he’s going to work on his site this month and more. Tonight he’s getting a domain. Do you need to wait 6 months before you can get Google AdSense?

Administrator answers:

In certain countries you must wait 6 months. Check google adsense help for more info on getting approved.

While you are waiting you may try other alternatives like Adbrite

Robert asks…

How long will it take my Facebook picture to be deleted off google?

It’s on google and I read that if you delete it off Facebook then it will go off google. How long will it take though??

Administrator answers:

Google is just a search engine. So if you have made your FB picture public, of course Google will find it. If someone else has linked to it, or made it public, Google can find it that way too.

You should always make pictures available for friends only if you don’t want them to be found by Google. If you delete them, they’ll hang around in Google’s cache for a while but should eventually disappear, so long as nobody else has uploaded them on another site.

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