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Your Questions About Google

August 14, 2013

Betty asks…

How to return the google logo to my desktop icon?

My Google icon has the yahoo! logo in it. I want the original icon back. How can i restore it?

Administrator answers:

Right click the icon>Properties>Change icon. Browse for the google icon.

Joseph asks…

How to change the default google page from igoogle to google?

I changed the default google page from google to igoogle. I doesnt like it .so how to change back to the normal google page ( not iggogle) if i give the google page.

Administrator answers:

For IE
open your IE, go to TOOLS–> INTERNET OPTIONS –> There change your home page to

Open your MOZILLA, go to TOOLS–> OPTIONS (Main) there change it to

Helen asks…

How to hide my name from Google searchs?

My boyfriends ex posted a nasty blog about me. So if you Google my name her blog is the first thing that comes up. I cannot have that. How can I get it so when you Google me her blog doesn’t come up? I’ve already reported it now what can I do? Its urgent. And the website is blogspot. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Hello, im sorry but you cant put that down.. Reason is because google gathers any information in the web and spreads them everywhere…so the more famous you are the more searches would be available when people type your name.. Unless you sue google to bring it down theres nothing you can do.. The internet is for everyone so anybody can see that information

Maria asks…

Why do people tell you to Google things when Google sucks ass?

Whenever Google is searched, all that comes up are results that are vaguely “relevant” instead of content-based. Now it just spews out plagiarized review sites and links to other crappy website search results. There couldn’t be anything less “friendly” about Google if it returned its own search page results as search page results. And the same goes for Bing and Clusty, because they have the exact same results as Google.

Administrator answers:

No, Bing, Clusty, and Google don’t give the exact same results. If you know how to search on google, it’ll give you very relevant results. Google gives the most popular results for whatever you search for, if nobody ever clicked on something, it wouldn’t be there. Go make your own search engine if you’re so smart.

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