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Your Questions About Google

August 19, 2013

John asks…

How do i withdraw funds from google checkout?

How do i withdraw funds from google checkout? Does it do automatically or is it like Paypal where i have to do it myself?


Administrator answers:

There is no withdrawal function in Google Checkout. Instead, Google Checkout automatically credits your bank account. However, payment to your bank account is not exactly “immediate” – typically takes 4 or 5 business days.

Charles asks…

What when Google stops to having Vancouver Olympics logo?

Now, I know I saw a logo picture of Vancouver Olympics on Google Search started on February 12th and now this is still have logo on Google logo at six days. I am sick of it please help me to let me know what is when Google stops have logo of this that bothers me and I prefer have logo on one day and I don’t like have same logo for one week! Please help me!

Administrator answers:

Google will have the logo until the olympics is over it’s to honor the athletes and the olympic games if you don’t like the logo then change your home page or use yahoo search engines

Sandy asks…

My Web browser is directing me to unwanted sites when i click on links such as google?

Everytime i go on google i click on a link and it redirects me to another page and the address start like googleadservices. i use google chrome please help !

Administrator answers:

You’ve probably got the “Google Redirect Virus” which is a very common but hard-to-remove infection. This virus is different from most other viruses in that it doesn’t have any independent parts – it just changes the system files for your web browsers. This is why many of the antivirus programs out on the Internet are not able to remove this problem. You should use this tutorial to remove it from your PC:

Susan asks…

What does the webkinz google die used for?

I have a webkinz google die on my account and i traded it with someone i do not know what to do with it it is a yellow square with a google on the middle not the google on the internet but the webkinz google like the duck. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I think you have an item that is in your dock and looks like a yellow square with the face of a google on it. If that is so, you can do nothing with it. It is an item that was given as a Wheel of Wow prize my mistake. You cannot put it in your room, play with it, nothing!


If however the picture in your dock looks like an entire google sitting next to a blue package, then you have some extra dice to use to play DiceKinz. Just drag it into your room and the package will open. If you do not have a starter set of dice yet, they are in the Wshop under games.

Ken asks…

How can i delete what comes up when i type my name into google?

Whenever i type my name into google some pretty embarrassing links come up, and they actually are about me. So when people at school search me it’s really horrible. Is there a way i can contact google and ask them to get rid of it? Also, i have forgotten my password and username to the actual website it comes up on! So i am relying on google!

Administrator answers:

You can’t change what is found in a Google search.  All you can do is to delete the content that it links to, if you have access to that content.

Michael asks…

How can i get my name removed from google?

When i search my name on google it comes up with 7 pages of my personal info what can i do to get it all removed from google?

Administrator answers:

First you can contact google, there are content removal tool on google. Using the removal tool above you can also request that G remove the webpage from their search result and the cache of that webpage

then you will need to contact the company that host the website. Use a internet lawyer to send out a cease and desist letter. Most company will remove the website after they are contacted

if both way fail you might need to file a lawsuit again the webmaster

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